How do I gain weigth? (Muscles of course)

Judy B.
Backload carbs and protein after workout sessions. Focus less on cardio and more on strength training. Look up your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) and then eat over it for gains. Always fuel your body right though, don't just load up on garbage just to get the calories.
Ruby Z.
Take a very good supplemental vitamins that also helps to build muscle mass. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist. Or you can go to your nearest gmc shop and they can help you with getting on the right regimen,routine of what you need to stay healthy and build your muscles mass. You can lift weights or go to a gym and workout with an instructor or go to physical therapy through your doctor. Even go to your nearest YMCA and they can get you set-up. With what you need to do they are very Nice there. Your doctor can give you a script to take to them at the YMCA or to the physical therapy department at the Hospital ect. That's what. My doctors have me do. Strength training & muscle mass building so I can keep my muscles as strong as can be for me. With my health issues which are many. Make sure also that your Doctor or Doctor's know what vitamins and supplements that you are taking. The right exercise's. Will also help to stretch your muscles & loosen you up before a workout. I will be praying for Your success…💝🎈You can do it!
Evan P.
Make sure your nutrition is good. Eat lots of foods full of protein especially but don’t forget to eat foods with fat. Stay away from saturated fat ( junk food). Try out cross fit exercise wise.
Ma Lys F.
It’s all in the diet and exercise routine. There’s a lot of info online. You need to eat lots of protein and undertake a mussle building weight training program.
Gorete Z.
Do you want to gain weight? If you do, the best way is to ingest more calories than you are expending through your BMR and exercise. Gaining weight can be as hard as losing it.
Guenter R.
To build muscle weight, strength exercises are a good way to go. You can also use weights and if you don’t have any, there are exercises that use your body to create muscle and strength. They’re known as body weight exercises
Frederikke Y.
By balancing out your diet and exercises. Make sure your calory intake consist about 1/3 fat, 1/3 protain and 1/3 carbs. Before a training session eat some (dried) fruits like raisins, just a small handfull, for quick energy. Do your training focus on strength not on cardio. After the training eat a high protain meal so your muscle can heal and grow
Brooklyn J.
Regular, constant monitoring of your diet; eating protein rich foods. Daily effort to gain muscle in the gym, but also don’t forget to have adequate rest days too!
Francis G.
I am struggling with the same thing. I think the best thing to do is eat as much healthy food (especially protein) as you can. Excel is will help you keep it and remember to stretch after excercising!
Yanis Y.
Resistance exercises are key. Remember to workour your whole body (including legs and back which have big muscles). Increase weight gradually. Make sure the weight is not keeping you from doing the exercise properly.
Jennifer P.
Eating protein and limiting fats, especially after exercise is one of the ways I was told to do it