I tried doing yoga in the morning it was hard my body wasn’t flexible I need to warm up my body for that, so it takes time that’s why I do it afternoon or evening. And I would like to have a calendar on my wall. Do you have advice for that??

Robyn N.
I had the same issues, especially when I first started. It would be almost painful if I tried to do yoga in the AM & would often deter me..so I would do it as a wind down before bed & found my muscles were looser from the day & it wasn’t painful. Usually what I do nowadays is I’ll do lighter bed-side stretches in the morning to wake my body up, but not exactly yoga. I’ll sit in bed cross legged then reach out as far as I can until I can feel it in my lower back, then rotate my legs & do it again a few times..sit on the edge of the bed & do some side stretches & spine twists, & seated cat/cows..I also do some quick exercises for my feet at this time that my chiro gave me to keep them feeling good all day, then end it with a standing toe touch. But that’s it! I won’t do any longer yoga until later in the day because it can take longer for muscles to warm up & this is normal, it’s quite normal for them to even wake up to being able to do deeper stretches during a yoga session..all depends on how your body is doing that day. Since I do those morning stretches every day as part of my wake up routine they don’t get missed..but since the yoga might be later in the day I set a reminder on my phone to ring for exercise/yoga. I also keep a running check list in my agenda to mark off the days I did it & will usually reward myself with a little extra treat every 7 days straight done. Could always use a wall calendar though if you like! As for times..I try to be fluid with it since my days can change or be hectic sometimes, so as long as it’s done between a set time for me that’s all that matters, but if picking a set hour works better than feel free. I just find setting a block of time aside allows for more time to do longer sessions on days your body feels it’s best & is performing better, & if it’s not then can just end early. Locked in times always made me feel bad if I didn’t hit them on the dot & sometimes would run into other plans of mine that way. Hope that helps give you some ideas!
Ida F.
Calendars are good to have to keep track of what's coming next, so that's a good idea, I also have a hard time stretching sometimes, look into stretches (like yoga poses) that can help with your range of motion and that can eventually help you be more flexible to make it easier on your body to stretch.
Philip X.
Yoga is a great way to start your day! With that being said it is best to practice before sun up 6-9 am to 5-9pm. If the morning you feel stiff and the poses are difficult to get into try practicing in the evening. The more you practice the easier it gets and the more you will benefit. If you practice at home try outside or heated studios. Other than that daily stretching and staying hydrated are very important. Try putting some citrus in your water.
Ida P.
I think u should eat some thing before half an hour for doing any physical activities at morning because at morning our body will be exhausted without any much energy .
Dan G.
Yes, I have the solution. I like yoga a lot, but we have to drink water, eat breakfast before it, and be active, and the most important thing before yoga is a little exercise. It's easy and we have to trust ourselves. Happy day
Raine N.
Just keep on trying and experimenting on which time are you most effective doing yoga whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening. It’s important to consider the time you are most effective to see a better result. With the calendar, i suggest that you purchase a calendar you can buy it online or in the nearest store so you can track your progress. You can do it!