What do you think of the sun salutation (surya namaskara) as an exercise in the morning?

Lucy N.
It seems to me like surya namaskara is a really relaxing and quiet way to exercise especially for the morning it seems like an exercise that’s almost perfect for the morning as son as you wake up
Kandis E.
Sun salutation as an exercise in the morning is a great idea! Not only in India but in Native American nations, greeting the sun in the morning has been a ritual for centuries. It is a gentle way of waking up the body mind and emotions while allowing a connectedness with nature through silent sunlight. I would definitely give it a try!
Ashlee F.
It's my go to exercise in the morning. It help starts my day by making sure my mind is focused and my body is energized. When you focus on your breath, while at the same time just letting your body flow through the movements, you can really feel your body and mind become lighter.
Angela E.
I think that the morning exercise can be affecting to some people but not all but for me I feel like it can be a great exercise in the morning
Andrea Q.
I believe that everyone has their own rituals and knows what works for them. If the the sun salutation helps you start your morning and gives you what you need, then its great!