Why are you doing this?

Sacha G.
I’m doing it because I’m a work in progress. Learning to acknowledge and work on my shortcomings around routines and organising myself in a positive, healthy and manageable way is very good for me.
Leana Y.
i want to improve the way i feel everyday and the way i view life! i’ve been working on this for a while but haven’t found a way to commit. this app is helping me and i’ve only been using it for a few days but i already fell a big difference!!
Lauren O.
I got into a lot of horrible habits working from home during this quarantine, and I needed to make a change for my physical and mental help
Lin Z.
I’m doing this to develop myself. Self love, self accountability and self worth are aspects of my life that I want to improve upon. I want to lift myself up and live the best life I can.
Graciete E.
I got lost and off track after my husband died. I'm not working right now and so needed some guidance to help me get back on track. I love the messages and prompts and find them very motivating. I like to have a few routines during the day and find they help me focus and work towards my goals.
Tobias N.
I am doing this for me! Yes I'm trying to achieve weight goals, but I also want to make myself a priority. My work is very stressful and demanding and its sometimes hard to make time for my well being. Fabulous has helped me put my health as a priority and remember that I'm important.
Ruth Z.
If you mean being on fabulous, then I’m trying to create a system for myself, and the app is helping with the 1st step- creating good varying habits that makeup a solid system
Laura J.
I want to feel happier and I think that getting into a routine will help rid me of stress.

I need help with my university work and my mental health. I think both will improve with an established routine and a healthier body.

Manar B.
Deep breathing helps the most and accepting the ideas that come to my mind without getting lost in them. Sitting comfortably, or laying down helps too. For me meditation helps me find the head space to just rest and think of nothing. Sometimes i find it difficult too, but I try my best.
Chikondi F.
Im doing this in order to challenge and prove to myself that I am capable of anything I put my mind and focus on. I usually gave up on attaining goals and doing certain things like working out, drinking water etc..I told myself I can't really be that productive. So I am doing through this in order to show myself and those around me that it is possible to improve. It is possible to grow
Leo Z.
I want to create self awareness. To better myself to achieve the goals I have set for a very long time. Ensuring that these positive life changes are sustainable in the long run. I want to become the best version of myself for me.
Elle C.
I am doing this because I am inspired daily through this app. I am making better choices not only for myself but sharing the wonderful habits I embrace with others around me.
Emma A.
To stop hurrying and erase the feeling of being too slow. To appreciate what I have an dwhat I can, and to start healthy habits which will make me feel better
Candise Q.
I'm trying to put out a more positive vibe into the universe. Life is short and I'm trying to grasp at it and love it. And to do that I need to overcome things that are holding me back from the best version of myself. So I'm trying to quit smoking, I'm trying to stop over eating, I'm trying to work out more. I'm trying to be healthier and live better for my husband and future. I want to be healthy. Fabulous is a tool to help me be healthier. It's a data collection that helps me look back and then proceed forward. I am doing this because I want to be more productive and have internal strength within myself. It is me who I have to fall asleep with every night. Do I love her? Is she who I want to be? How can I harness this life?
Colin U.
Because I lack the motivation to do anything useful to my future life. I have almost abandoned all college work, making my graduation just be further away.
Derrick C.
To feel better about myself during a lockdown in my city. To build a consistency than lay down in bed all day. To have a healthier lifestyle than the previous lockdown.
Karolina E.
To finally move forward with my mental, emotional and physical health. It's not easy, even the small habits like drinking water, but fabulous is helping me celebrate and enjoy myself.
Shade N.
To discover what I can be when I am free from getting in my own way. To feel like I can learn to be happy and fruitful with support and guidance rather than alone.
Deanna P.
Because I’ve struggled with depression for a while now and I never have any energy. I originally got this app as a sort of reminder to practice good habits but it’s grown into so much more. While it’s definitely not a cure all to my depression I definitely feel more energized and more productive.
Rosemary U.
at the end of the day, I want to feel more energized, so that I can be more satisfied with who I am and what I do. Which will make me happy
Hawa O.
Because I want to become better, and fabulous is helping me to keep accountable with my habits, I am learning the why behind each action
Dem Trio I.
Because I want to love myself 🤍 My true self and identity 🤍 I want to be inspiration not someone who can’t even trust himself 🤍 Im doing this for me, not for my friends or family… Just for me! Because that is the most important thing for everyone ! 🤍
Ann Z.
I feel that I am wasting a lot of my time. My life is very busy: work, three kids, trying to get enough sleep and a workout routine, and still I am wasting my time on social media or Amazon Prime whenever I have or need a break. I also started smoking again during the lockdown and I have some learning and certification I want to complete this year