What you advice is a good diet plan to help me lose weight?

Angelina W.
I am doing a calorie deficit but I also go to the gym and lift weights and do cardio (I think the best cardio would be stair masters.) It’s a good way to lose that annoying weight but tone up. But it also depends on your body. I think it’s called endomorph and 2 other things. But figure out how your body works. I’m sure if you look up endomorph you will find out a ton more. But for endomorphs I know what is helpful because for them a normal diet just does not work. You eat carbs one day and then the next day you cut the carbs out so you confuse your metabolism.
Olinda E.
No diet plan! Eat enough food (please) and look at what you are doing for your body and what you could improve on. Remember healthy weight loss only takes time (think long term).
Jeanne U.
I've found that selective eating rather than restrictive eating works nicely. You don't have to super cut your calorie intake (unless it's an unhealthy amount), and replace those less-than-healthy calories with healthy options.
Jenna N.
Having appropriate portions for each meal and limiting yourself on things you know aren’t good for you. Trying to balance your carbs, proteins, fats, dairy, and veggies in a day is great too! Some of my favorite things to have throughout the day is eggs, fruits, salads, anything meat wise for protein, and protein shakes too!