For me, the most difficult part is exercising in the morning because I wake up tired most days. I have two questions: First, how can I wake up with more energy? Second, how can I better motivate myself to exercise?

Auguste Z.
1) At least have 8h sleep and make sure to go to sleep before 00h
2) Install a prize after doing some exercise so that it feels rewarding to do so.
Jenny U.
For the first question what I do is put on some music that gets me feeling like dancing or moving my body a little bit. Second question, putting on a outfit that makes you feel like dancing, or working out, or going for a walk.
Nayeli S F.
If you want more energy in the morning, make sure you are getting enough sleep at night, you need at least 8 hrs of restful sleep! Try sleeping earlier at night and set aside time to wind down before sleeping. Doing relaxing activities like reading and journaling will help you relax instead of scrolling on your phone. If you are kind of addicted to your phone (like me 😅) try putting on a screen time limit in your settings app! If working out in the morning is difficult for you, try working out later in the day. You will feel awake because you have been doing other things during the day. And also a great motivator to exercise is music!! Blast some songs that make you feel strong and do your workouts!! Trying smaller and less difficult exercises and gradually doing harder ones will get you into a routine. Hope this helps!!!
Xavier I.
A good motivation to exercise is to always remember that good feeling that you get after it long-term and short term benefits while making sure that it isn’t just for the sheer adrenaline. and for the waking up tired part a good thing to do is to Workout a fair amount, not too much not too little, work out too little you’ll wake up tired if you work out too much we’ll wake up tired
Delores Z.
If you’re not a morning person, it’ll always be difficult to wake up feeling super energised, and that’s okay! The best ways to make it easier are you set an alarm that’s gentle to wake up to, having your bedroom being an inviting (and fairly tidy) space, and definitely water helps to wake you up! I’d also recommend washing your face and brushing your teeth first thing, and put some music on while you do it! On the topic of exercise, you have to make it fun for you. If you like running, queue up a killer running playlist. If you hate running, try putting on some music and having a dance!! Also try yoga, it’s not too intense but you’ll get stronger without even realising.
Marcel I.
Elena are all screens from your bedroom, do breath work before sleeping and while waking up. Prepare your workout the evening before!
Nicu A.
To get better sleep, I follow the 90 min rule. Search Google for sleep calculator and you’ll find one. Also wake up at the same hour every day, this will get better over time and you’ll wake up full of energy
Benjamin W.
If you want to wake with better energy, then you need a consistent sleep schedule. By consistent I mean going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time. Having an understanding of sleep cycles can help because if you wake between cycles you’ll feel more energetic. I recommend trying the site to calculate those times for you. To better motivate yourself to exercise I would start really small. Even if you do one push-up at the start of the day then that is enough. Again, consistency is key here. Once you have consistency established then you can really start pushing yourself. Good luck!
Delilah O.
Omg same! Don’t worry you are not alone. To wake up less tired maybe go to bed earlier wake up later, get comfier or a big thing for me is when I wake up before my alarm goes off. Normally I’m not tired but I decide to lie down until the alarm then I fall asleep and wake up tired!

How I motivate is to put on some music and do it for the aesthetic I hope that helped