I have a bad foot. What kind of exercise can I do besides stationary biking and swimming?

Marice Q.
You can do a numerous amount of exercises that focus around the abs like crunches and some yoga stances. I've even done pushups with one foot on the floor because I sprained my ankle in ballet. You don't let physical barriers stop you, you make them an extension of you and work with them or around them. Success takes dedication, determination, and perseverance… it's hard work.

Margie J.
Modify your present exercise routine so as to not include your injured foot if possible. yoga is one of those exercising routines that you can modify to not do standing position when you're exercising.

Is a disabled person myself I found true working with my society that you can exercise very effectively without using whatever part of your body is a problem that day. using a chair to do your weight lifting it may not be the 200-pound you lift a day but you could lift 10 pounds setting. Just keep going.

Abdias C.
I enjoy doing yoga and stretching. With a bad foot you can also do hand weights at home or exercises using your body weight as reaistance.

Magnus Z.
Seated rows, leg curls, leg extensions, pull downs, shoulder press. Most strength training won't require any Pressure on your foot, also the way in which you get to work out allows you to set smaller goals and build on that so you always feel accomplished. The only down side is you need equipment.

Anthony U.
Yoga is wonderful exercise. It can be low impact to help avoid pain to any injuries but stretches and conditions all the muscles, promotes good circulation and lymph drainage and aids digestion too. A basic Sun Salutation once a day can take less than ten minutes and can be built on with other poses that suit you to create a great daily routine. I complete mine whilst saying a gratefulness prayer for a lovely ritual. Practising Pranayama breathing techniques also promotes good health from within and helps create a calmness to start the day well (^-^)

Heinz Gerd T.
Depends on the injury, but if a person can tolerate low impact floor exercise. Such as pilates yoga or piyo. Additionally flexibility and strength training are an important part of health and a person can perform these types of exercise with a bad foot.

Joscha J.
There would be lots of abdominal exercises you can do where you don't really use your feet for example if you do the "hundreds" exercises. Your foot would need to stick up however, which I'm not sure it can do.

Thea R.
You can do some upper body weight training. It’s really good for you!

Elias O.
Rowing. Crossfit has tons of variations for any physical issue you have. Yoga is great and low impact. You can get a full cardio session from it or more of a stretching session. Pilates is another workout that does not demand much in the way of footwork.

Nivalda C.
You can do strength based exercise and stretching. Or maybe it’s an opportunity to exercise your mind and spirit hope your foot heals well and rapidly.

Ella G.
Yoga is less strenuous than a "regular" work out so it's not a bad option to try and begin with that, if you want the exercise to affect your whole body, that apart, you could work on your abs, do sit ups, push ups, lift weights and the like, anything that is not too strenuous on your foot.

Livia T.
You could try walking, yoga, or floor exercises which target other parts of your body. When starting a new fitnes routine it's important to try lots of new activities so you can find something you actually enjoy and will look forward to.

Walking a little everyday would help you maintain your freedom and mobility. Even if all you can manage is a short 5 minute walk. And you may be able to stop any further decline in your vad foot and recover some strength if you are able to invest a little time in getting fitted for a good pair of suppotive footwear that target your specific problem.

Yoga is a great way to exercise without killing yourself. There are a huge variety of types to try, each of which caters to different levels of mobility & general fitness. There's even such a thing as chair yoga which doesn't require using the feet at all.

Finally, you could try a simple circuit training routine at home. There are now a huge amount of free fitness routines available either as online videos, or through dedicated fitness apps. These cater to all levels, are great for exercising at home, and can be used to target specific issues or parts of the body e.g posture improvement or muscle toning.

Donald C.
How about some chair exercises? You can do dips or bends or leg raises while sitting and not putting weight on your foot.

Joselino T.
Swimming is fabulous! Wish I could do it every day. However you are treating your foot and if it is not a chronic condition, be patient 😀. I went to a personal trainer and physiotherapist for proper exercises for my condition-might be worth a try to keep legs very strong.

Josane P.
Push-ups? Try chair or floor yoga and work on flexibility..

M Nica C.
I have a foot that bothers me sometimes. On those days I skip walking, but i still stretch and use my hand weights. I may or may not do my tai chi on those days depending on how bad the foot is.

Castelino Q.
I don't know if this would help, but you can try downloading some workout apps or yoga apps. For me, I have both. Some apps allow you to choose which part of your body to be working with. I think it doesn't hurt to give it a try; besides, making a habit is important. I think for a beginner, it doesn't matter much how can you actually burn, but you have to do it daily. You know, commit to yourself for this first. Then later things will come to you. Good luck.

Dawn Y.
There are some nice apps for home exercises. So you can try them all, and you'll feel when the excersise is no lt good for your foot.

I don't know your conditio, so hard to say if exercise will do good for your foot, but in general (even for artrosis, excersise will lighten the pain and losing weight can slow down artrosis and reuma big time).

Just try the free apps and skip those with jumping ect. But planking, abs, arms, weights and stretch bands should be fine.

Good luck!!!!

Donato G.
It depends in the severity of your foot problem. Some activities could be adapted to suit your foot. Or you could go for upper body machines in a gym and machines for your legs like the abductor and adductor to work your legs all avoiding using your feet.

Abigail F.
Exercises like weight lifting or sit-ups won’t utilise your foot but still works out the upper body.