How can I stay motivated to work out every day?

Sofie N.
For myself focusing on breaking it down into small steps and focusing on each one in the present works best. For example, I don't tell myself "Go excersize now, I tell myself "Go to the room with the yoga mat". Once I've sat down, I turn on an excersize program from YouTube and take it step by step. Once I start doing it more it gets easier each time to do it more automatically
Le C.
There are different ways for staying motivated. One of the ways is to keep on doing it. Set a reminder for yourself or ask someone you know to remind you. Another way to stay motivated is by searching for someone you like to follow. Like for yoga, I follow the YouTuber Yoga with Adrien. By follow, I mean I like the way she stretches, and has a video for lots of things. There’s a video for becoming more flexible, there are videos on inversions, etc. Another way is to do it with a friend/family member because it’s much more fun to do it with someone else. Or you can even do it with a pet.
I hope this helps 🙂