How can you get used to the habits?

Catboy G.
At first They seems like waste of time but remember that making habits is a long time process and you need to keep your head cold and stay on the road!
Repeating is the key for this

August Z.
Well, how I get used to the habits is that I start little every by little everyday checking off every productive thing that I do until it becomes a routine that I'm always consistent with cause I have it locked in.

Ruth Z.
Select easy habits with big impact, be prepared for it, weak up with the habit in mind, and do it first thing in the morning. Just a glass of water could be the perfect start for your long habit journey. Believe in yourself, you can do it!

Carmen P.
I say start out this way especially if you have young children Just set a daily alarm early in the morning ( i set mine for 5:30 a.m.)for the same time all week to try it out. Then if that is too much keep changing the time up until it clicks for you. Then continue to add healthy habits. Like for instance I floss, brush teeth, and meditate so that I have 3 habits that start me on a health drive for years to come. So I hope that helps!

Zee I.
You never stop trying nor giving up on your goal even if you aren’t consistent just keep going you'll take a break the return stronger until it becomes a habit