I have weakness that my body rejects to make exercise, being to lazy. At best I do half of my exercises planned. At worst I dont do them:( How to beat it?

Shweta F.
It's best to keep your workouts simple. You can do this by doing a 5 min work out and that's it. Later on, you can continue to make your workouts longer and more difficult. Not all workouts have to be sweaty and hard, it can be light or even a stretch.
Charles O.
Try find motivation like think about yourself and how weak you are
Theres no shame in being weak, theres only shame in staying weak, so try to change
Personally those insta gym motivation reels really gets me
Maria G.
You shoul take a week to rest, and after that week you will write 3 goals like, do 5 minutes of exercise and you repeat that for one week that will make you have a habit
Philip G.
You may be asking to much of yourself. Back off on your goals/plans to something manageable, then add one unit of a thing at a time. Basically the way Fab had you do it.
Keith W.
If you do half of it is not that bad. At first void days when you entirely skip what you planned.
Remember why you're doing it and write it down for you to read it when you lack motivation.
You can also set a reward for every time you complete the routine.
If you still consistently can't do it maybe you just asked your body to do too much: set a lower goal and increase it after you've reached it.
Remember that you're body is not a machine so it's human to have "no-days", but at the same time you're in control of what you can do and you have to take back that power, learning to be consistent.
Hope this will help <3
Sorry for my English 🙂
Frederikke C.
The best way to complete a routine is lower the intensity, or reps depending on what you are doing. I battled with this early on , but overcame by reducing 12 reps to 6 etc.. I worked at a more moderate pace as well. It’s not laziness you may just be burning out early. Try to finish the routine first then take it from there when that because a habit
Marcus P.
start with a very small thing like picking up your drinking water from a high standpoint or very low point where you have to either stretch or get low to get it. drink a huge sip as accomplishment and immediately start rotating your neck (stretching) then slowly walk towards your mat and do some pushups/planks/scalpular holds to get your workout going