On average, how many minutes do you exercise every day? Also how many times a week do you exercise?

Alysha F.
I try and move as much as I can throughout the day. I do 20 mins of daily stretching, yoga or walking, just gentle stuff, then I work out twice a week for 45 mins each. One is a cardio workout one is strength building
Victor F.
I try to do 6 times a week and it ranges between 20 minutes and 2 hours depending on what work out I do. But 20 minutes a day should be sufficient. As long as you get your heart pupming, you're good.
Chelsea Z.
I do ten minutes of yoga every morning, an hour's walk every second day and I'm on my feet all day at work which is a out eight hours.
Laurita P.
I exercise for 8 minutes every morning after breakfast. If I can, I do it everyday, except on really busy days; but I'm trying to exercise even in those days, beacuse 8 minutes is a really short time and you can do light exercises even before bed. They are fun and they motivate me!
Antoine Z.
I used to practice martial arts twice a week for 1 hour and a half in the evening. Now that I started using Fabulous, I also added new activities: I go swimming three times a week for half an hour in the morning before going to the office and when I don’t swim I follow a routine of pushups, pull-ups and squats of 10-15 minutes.
So, to answer the question, I exercise at least 10-15 minutes every day, when I swim and practice martial arts on the same day, I reach 2 hours but that happens only twice a week.
Isabella X.
I try to exercise everyday. For 4 days a week, I aim to have 30 minutes cardio exercise; these ranged from a leisure walk to slow jogging. For the other 3 days, I do shorter excercises which ranged from just 5 push-ups to a complete HIIT exercise. The bottom point is I just do anything that suits my mood each time, as long as it can keep me on the track of doing exercise everyday.
Clara S.
1 minute every morning as part of my morning routine. Then at least 3 times a week for 10 minutes, but often more frequent and longer duration as my schedule allows
Howard A.
I’m going to the gym 3-4 times per week, one training takes me 1h – 1,5h.
And I’m doing 10 mins yoga every morning following my new routine with Fabulous app.
Christine C.
I exercise 6 days a week on average about an hour a day. I swim three days a week and do pilates, yoga and strength training on the other days.
Mariam M.
10-20 minutes, using videos from yoga with Adrienne (you can find her on YouTube or her app). I exercise at least 4 times each week, in the morning.
Madeleine B.
Right now I'm following a 30 day yoga journey on youtube, and it's working great for me! The videos are between 20-30 minutes usually, and it is every day but they vary in intensity, some are really calm to give your body a day of rest but it still keeps the habit going every day which is great for me personally! I tend to struggle with habits that are not an every day thing.
Delanie I.
I exercise at least an hour every day that I do. I also exercise anywhere from 4-7 days a week. I think it’s more important to have variety and consistency in your exercise than time spent doing it. It’s the principle of quality over quantity. Strength training, cardio, and yoga are a great foundation. Progress will only be made with consistent exercise.
Cynthia N.
On average I exercise 30 minutes a day. When I am not in the mood I still do 15 minutes of high intensity cardio. I have noticed that even when I mix my weekly routine with 30minute kickboxing and 15minutes I still lose weight for the week!
Rachel R.
Hi. It varies from day to day. I stretch most mornings and evenings. Sometimes, if I feel like I need it, I'll stretch during the day the day too. These sessions are at least 20 minutes, but it's all about listening to your body, so I do about an hour sometimes too. I also go for a 30 minute walk at about 7pm too.
Hope this helps.
Malthe G.
I exercise every day of the week, usually 8 minutes in the morning. On 3 days of the week I do a longer workout between 20 and 45 minutes.
Rebecca Y.
I walk my dog 3x a day. One short walk in the morning, an hour or more at lunchtime and then again for 20 mins in the evening.

These walks are for my benefit as much as his. I would love to be able to do more variety in my exercises but for now this is as much as I can handle without overwhelming myself.