What do you do for exercise?

Ralph U.
As I roll out of bed, I do 5 push ups, and 10 mountain climbers with some downward facing dogs interspersed for stretching. It takes a minute, and I've moved my body right away. Several days a week I also do a scheduled/recorded workout with my partner or friends for 40-60 minutes. Those vary between cardio and strength training, but with minimal equipment. Together, the short morning workout and the excercise sessions with friends keep my head and body in a better place… And no guilt if I miss a day or two – we all do, so just get back on track.😉
Isobel C.
30+ squats, 15 flying dogs, 15 cat cows, 40 kb swings, 20 leg lifts. Plus any utube quick workouts if I'm feeling like it.
Deborah I.
I prefer to go for a run after lunch before studying, than at 6 pm I search for a fun workout on the internet so I get to move and boost my mood with some good music.
Valeri X.
I usually walk my dog alone, with my sister or with my whole family, but when I'm home alone and I have some time after school, I like to do strength exercises, belly dancing and twerking. I love belly dancing especially, but it's not a classical belly dance, because I do it along with rock music and I add some elements of hip hop. I love dancing in general, but previously mentioned dance types are my absolute favorites.
Vincent C.
Goodlife free workouts on Instagram (live or replay)
Run in the morning
Go for a walk at lunch/in the afternoon
Yoga at night
Philip A.
Two stretch routines from the app called Workout for Women. Starting out small and making sure I’m not a sore mess when I start playing Ring Fit Adventure.