How do I get to sleep early, at 10 PM?

Isabella U.
Do work and chores early in the day to get your evening free.
Stop using your mobile devices at 9PM and do something that relaxes you, like showering, reading a book and/or taking a walk.
That's called having a good "sleep hygiene" 🙂
Rahel H.
First, 10 pm isn't that early. 6 pm is early. Telling yourself that you are going to bed early is probably a bit stressful. Tell yourself you're setting a bedtime or something that sounds positive to you.

Second, start getting ready for bed at 8 or 9 pm. It doesn't mean getting in bed. It means get yourself ready for tomorrow. Do your list of things that will keep you from getting in bed at 10 pm. Do you need to lay out your clothes? Do you need to make lunch for work tomorrow? Get that routine taken care of early if you can. If you start at 8 pm and finish by 8:15, then great! It's done, and you don't need to worry about it.

Lastly, make this your routine. Do it every day whether you work tomorrow or not, whether you need to get up or not, get up at the same time every morning whether you slept well or not. Also, wake up time can't be 10 am. It needs to be around 6 or 7 am. Otherwise, you've overslept.

Alma P.
I found out that what makes me go to bed earlier (in my case 11pm) is really the reason I want to wake up 7AM. Until I set the regular time when I wake up, I usually not fall asleep before midnight, and was having hard time telling asleep for many years. I also used to don't like sleep as I wanted to stay awake as long as I can and study or get some work done. But now I enjoy my longer morning with a good breakfast and a bit of exercise, it makes me wanna go to bed earlier so I can enjoy it another day. Hope I helped 🙂
Suzanna J.
Close all distractions. No blue light (computers, telephones, tablets, or anything electronic) for about 30 minutes before you go to bed.
I usually read a book before I sleep and then just lay in the dark comfortable and relax. And then I’m out like a light.
Sometimes when I can’t sleep, drinking chamomile tea 30 minutes before you sleep also works like a charm as well.
Erin A.
First you have to get rid of your electronical devices long before you get to bed, an hour may be suitable.
Second you can do some relaxing activities for sleep, like reading, listening to music.
Besides, melatoninn medicines may also be helpful. But you can never depend on them. They can be used to adjust your interrupted natural rhythm and after you have formed the right sleeping habits, stop taking them since they do have side effects.
Leslie E.
Just go to bed, even when you’re not tired, imagine the great feeling when you were exhausted and finally had the chance to lie down. Once in bed normally I can only read some lines before falling asleep.
Anthony C.
Set the tone. Make the room in which you sleep darker, quieter and cooler. I pray. The rosary puts me to sleep. That and warm cashew milk. But any repetitive or warm activity can induce sleep
Candice U.
Plan an evening routine to prepare for your bedtime. One hour before bed take a short 10 minute walk. Then get ready for the next day and list three things you are grateful for from the day. Take a few minutes to pick up your house so it’s tidy and ready for the morning. Then turn down the lights and turn off all electronic devices a half hour before your bedtime. Take a shower or wash your face and your feet, brush your teeth. Take 10 minutes to Read, meditate or listen to soft calming music and diffuse essential oils that encourage sleeping. Head to bed 15 minutes before you want to fall asleep and think of what a great day you had.
Qu Rio A.
It's not just about getting to bed early, but also on time. I have found a preparation ritual helps me. An hour before my bed time, I will do things to unwind: drink water, brush my teeth, and read. I like to avoid technology, screens and bright lights during this time. Once in the habit, even if I didnt do the ritual my body would start preparing for sleep mode regardless of what I was doing.
M Lina Z.
Rearrange your day so the things you normally do at night are already done and at 9:30 you can start winding down for the night. If you normally make the next days meal before bed, try meal prepping a few days in advance or if you do your laundry at night try doing a load or two in the morning while you’re getting ready for work. The wash can run at the same time that you’re showering.
Nicklas A.
Get your sleep area prepared for night time. Put some water beside your bed Pull back the covers and do something to make you feel relaxed. Then, crawl in
Margot F.
No exercise, food or screens from 8pm. Start winding down your day from around 9 and be physically in bed by around 9:30 with the lights off around 15 minutes.
F Bio Q.
To sleep early, my therapist told me to take baby steps to get to bed earlier. For instance, if you usually go to bed at, say 1:00 in the morning, aim to be in bed at 12, and keep moving the times down. Setting up a bedtime routine also helps me, as well as putting on something to listen to while I sleep. It helps to keep thoughts from wandering.
Malthe Z.
I need to make this a habbit as it stands i dont go to bed till 12 and sometimes i dont fall asleep till 1 so this need to become a regular habbit to me as well
Carole P.
It is hard. But my routines hss helped me.
I do my evening routine in time so I have some relaxing time left and so it is easyer to get in bed on time
Martin U.
I used to find it hard to sleep early. It's a process that needs a little determination to start with. Start with something small. First, be determined to sleep at 10. Write it down somewhere. Write. Then I have a practice of using an app called 'Black out' which locks out my mobile at a given time. After that time, I can't use it. Another habit is to not eat anything in the night. This enables me to sleep early. Of course, it's not mandatory, but it makes it easy for me. More than everything, it's the discipline and determination that's imp. It's like, my life depends on it. Also, keep it as a target only for 30 days. It's like 'the next 30 days, I'll sleep at 10, after that I can change.' this is a good idea for a start. If you really wanna explore regarding this, contact me on scoobystonesatgmaildotcom
L On Z.
I need to move my schedule up a bit. Obviously it depends on the day. But I should try showering directly after exercising. Then if I have any outstanding work to complete, I can finish that up and then begin my wind down routine. I can even head upstairs earlier if I’m not watching a show or something.
Lorraine F.
If you wish to go to bed at 10pm it is Important that you have a reason for it. Such as planning to get up early the next day and be effective with your program could be a motivation to go earlier to bed
Flavie U.
The easiest and hardest answer is to go to bed. Unplug my tv and phone at 9:30 for starters. Put a pen and paper and a glass of water at the bedside. freshen up face and teeth so i have clean refreshing scents to fall asleep by
Thies N.
I set an alarm to go off at 9:20 and stop whatever I’m doing and get ready for bed. I can do some deep breathes or even a little yoga to settle down with a book until I’m sleepy.
Gregory U.
What works for me is relaxing exercises like yoga and meditation and drinking a calming tea that contains chamomile and valerian.
Emily B.
Well, you have to make sure you’ve done everything you wanted to accomplish in your day, and make sure that you aren’t too active before you go to bed.
Lana U.
Limit my screen use and turn on an audiobook. I usually set a sleep timer and lie down to listen to a chapter and relax.
Gwendolyn Z.
Prepping meals as much as possible helps me. Really prioritizing tasks to do when I get home from work ensures I get the necessary things done and that I’m not up late showering or changing my sheets, for example. Setting a time to be in bed gives me time to wind down and makes bedtime rituals things I’m aware of. I also like to set a relaxing atmosphere for myself. Lighting candles and sitting in my bed makes me realize I am actually tired and I want to be in bed.
Lee O.
I'll use sleep bud and focus on breath in and out. To say thank you to everyone or everything that reflect with my life then plan to do things for tomorrow.
Kristina S.
First pay attention to the time, when it's almost time to sleep, switch off your phone, brush your teeth, wear your pajamas and go to bed.Try to do this everyday, and you will get use to it, i hope this helps you.
Danny C.
First of all you must eat before 8pm and make your surrounding dark and comfortable. And listen to white noise or sleepy songs.
Julian E.
Avoid screen time late in the evening. Finish your daily tasks early on so you are not stressed and rushing before bed. Sometimes doing light exercise before bed helps to prep your body to rest.
Ljubica G.
I signed up for early morning workouts at a studio that charges you $20 for not showing up. When I moved into my new apartment in the summer, I never bought curtains for my room and the sun has been a big help in waking me up. I also listen to sleepcasts if my head hits the pillow earlier and I can’t fall asleep.n a
Julien Z.
Set all electronics aside around an hour earlier or as soon as possible, read, draw or do something that will calm you down till you feel sleepy
Doris U.
It’s really difficult …you need to think about it and make some sleeping rituals like small tea or hot water for your feets or breathing exercise etc.😊
Cherly Y.
I would suggest you do it slowly, beginning with 15 minutes earlier, then 30 minutes earlier… and like that until you reach the time you want…
Jakob W.
I try to “prepare” myself in advance. I have set an alarm for 9.15 PM reminding me to go to sleep at 10 PM. I then start shutting down for tv or other screen activity, so I can begin the evening/night routine (brushing teeth, laying out close for next day, meditate etc) and be in bed at 10 PM ready for sleep.
Jules U.
I find that waking up early makes me more tired early as well. Also, if I decide to put away my phone and laptop from 9 on, and only read, journal or do something else without a screen, there tends to be less ‘to do’ so late in the evening, so you might as well go to bed then. It’s so great for your morning routine!
Keith Y.
It’s good to make sure you set a specific time to set aside phones and the internet. Try to set up a routine so your body recognizes its time to wind down for sleep.
Gwendolyn T.
Try not to use a screen for the hour before bed, and if your have to the make sure to lower the brightness as much as possible and use a blue light filter. Make sure your bedroom is as cool as possible. Having a warm bath or shower just before bed can be helpful, as your body cools down afterwards which signals that it's time for bed. Herbal teas with hops, lavender and/or valerian are good, too! Most of all, make sure your get up on time every day (even days off), and get some fresh air and sunlight asap to regulate your body clock.
Lana E.
You should finish you nighttime routine before hand and settle down, plan the next day and relax. and soon you will be asleep