How do you excercise when you have ongoing chronic pain.

Kameron N.
Oh gosh. I don’t have chronic pain, so I’m certainly not the best person to ask. I’d maybe say something is better than nothing. Doing one squat in the morning, doing a lap around your kitchen table. I would say anything you can do to move a little extra counts.
Vicky G.
I just do a few squats and add 10 each day whilst drinking water and making breakfast.
Gentle yoga is the best exercise when dealing with ongoing chronic pain.
Angelina O.
I think walking is good but don’t try to start long just walk 20mins but if you are feeling sick then don’t go for a walk
Augustin O.
I just started by the 5 minute rule and say go I have a pain so I will exercise only for 5 minutes. Also I use some YouTube videos with the topic exercise to reduce pain so that I exercise and I also do nit waste the next day