What is your favorite dance music for exercise?

Marietta X.
Depending on the exercise, music can motivate me to work harder and longer than normal. If I’m stretching or doing yoga, I love light classical, jazz, blues, instrumental, r&b etc. If I’m doing cardio then I love something up beat to get my heart pumping like hip hop, rock, or music I’d dance to at a club. If it’s strength training then rap and other contemporary artists remind me that I’m doing great.
Max X.
I love to listen to Calvin Harris' first two albums when I work out. They're both upbeat and filled with good vibes. The first one is quite quirky too. I also like Rudimental, a select few songs from Carrie Underwood, Clean Bandit, Disclosure, Macklemore, Mura Musa, and Zedd. Anything energetic and upbeat really! I often revert to slower music when I cool down.
Shawn U.
I constructed a YouTube playlist with my favorite 80’s, 90’s, and 2k hip hop and pop songs. My most recent favorites are Galantis and Ed Sheeran followed by Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor. Otherwise, to get work done around the house, I’ll listen to Cyndi Lauper and the original Transformers animated movie sound track😁
Margaux W.
Whenever you feel like you need a „power up“ try some tribal drum music. Seriously there is a reason why this sound is used for all nighters, it just pulls you up and along. Have fun!
Landon S.
Something upbeat that I don’t usually listen to that much. I like exercising to music that I could dance to at a club. It makes me feel that same sort of joy and energy that I have while dancing like no one is watching.
Nathaniel N.
I usually prefer songs created around motivation, drive, push and upbeat tempos etc
The genres I’m drawn to include Hip Hop/Rap, House & Pop.
Examples include Workin Me by Quavo, Omertà by Drake, Pyro Ting by Rak Su, Hustle & Motivate by Nipsey Hustle, H.A.M. by Kanye West & Jay Z.
Eva Maria A.
Honestly,I would say that I like bubbly music to get me pumped like “Mr Blue sky” by Electric light orchestra or “Footloose” by Kenny Loggings. hope this helps!<3
Giuseppina O.
Latin music, especially Salsa 💃, because I like to dance. I like Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ for fast walking.
I’m always looking for music that fits my pace and inspires me.
Isabella A.
Fast-paced, angry music. Workouts are a painful thing and rage helps me power through them. Either that or something I can dance to, fun is also a source of energy.
Julian Q.
I personally like playing my favorite songs from a music app that creates playlists for me. I usually have more of the recent 2019 songs in the playlist. I also like listening to older songs too. Any song that you like can be put on to switch to exercise mode.
Erich I.
something with a good beat. your heart rate will synchronize with he be beat, so the stronger and faster the beat, the better.