No actually, i cannot exercise becasue i got sick and muscle pain. How can we deal with this?

Sahar X.
Maybe just 10 minutes walk even in your room
You don't need to push yourself.
We should love our body even when it doesn't feel healthy and good
Cathy S.
I usually know when I am sick and when I am “sick”. Though my mind is telling me today I am too “sick” I tell it ok, i will just do 10 mins walk or just 2 reps of one exercise.
And when I start I can push myself 5 mins more.
Meike T.
I have struggled a lot with joint issues or such as well. One thing that has helped a lot is to remember that *movement* is the important thing. My excercise the past few days has looked like this: Neatening up my room while I listen to a few fun songs on YouTube. Doing only one baby set from the (The hybrid calisthenics YouTube channel and program was *perfect* for me as it encourages you to start small and not push yourself too hard. Start at the easiest variation), and following along with a slow movement video. Short walks are great as well! Take care of yourself while you move. 💕
Fleming B.
Define "sick". If it means you got a flu, or something that affects your body and impact on pain. Then rest!

If it only because you "think" you're sick because the muscle pain then think again. Is it physical or psychological?

I woke up a little bit late today, at 5 a.m. (usually at around 4:30 a.m. and My body feel sore because of yesterday workout. I get up, change my clothes, plan my track, and go outside running. After I got home, I still do my workout but not as intense as yesterday.

What do we got here? Just because your body feel sore doesn't mean you can't exercise. Identify what your body condition really is. And decide what's best for you.