Do you eat before or after? And how long do you workout, or is it just a short session and you save the real workout for later

Marinice Q.
My morning workout is short. Just enough to start the day by engaging with my body and having a sense of productivity. I eat after.
Sandra W.
Most days I work out before eating. I find that this seems to burn more calories and I tend to workout longer. I feel better when I get my full work done and out of the way first thing in the morning. Normally in the evening I am tired and don’t have the necessary energy to work out. Morning work best for me.
Luis U.
I eat before my workout. I wait one hour and then I go for my walk. During my walk I try to walk at least for an hour. It also depends on the weather. If the weather is super hot I workout for an hour in my house.
N N.
I usually eat before or I will forget to eat. At present I am only working out for a short time. Trying to build up and lessen joint pain.
Tia G.
I mainly focus on my abs so When I first wake up, I do a 10 minute along with a 10 minute Pilates workout. Later on around 1:00, I do another work out, this time it’s from 5-7 minutes then I go and eat lunch. So I guess the “real workout” is in the morning.
Mirjam F.
When I do morning workouts, I typically eat breakfast after my workout. For morning workouts, I tend to do a short session, something quick to get the heart rate up and muscles a little sore. On days I do a full workout at the gym, I try to eat a very filling meal at least 1 hour before workout (eating a meal right before could cause you to throw up but no food leads to no energy). After every workout, morning or evening, it is important to eat a nice filling and healthy meal.
Anas D.
I personally eat before my workout , to boost some energy, however, i do a workout for about 10 minutes and have an hour of walking outside before evening.
Mathis W.
I do a short workout. Currently recovering from an injury so just a quick 15-20 minute strengthening routine for my knees and hips.