What kind of exercise do you find to be the easiest to start in the morning? I’m thinking about starting to run in the morning but my motivation is somewhat lacking… it’s cold out 😅

Emmy E.
We have a Nintendo Wii that I can use. Take turned with the kids and when not your turn continue along side them. Also Pintrest have great exercise idea for people on the go. Including no gym and hotel room activities.
Naja N.
Try something quick and easy. Try the 7 min workout on the app to start off with. Try something that you don't need to leave the house and something that willget you blood pumping. Once that is a routine, you will find it easy to do more of an intense workout later on.
Ria Q.
I like the 7-minute workout. It's so fast that you can hardly justify skipping it. It requires almost no special equipment. You can do it indoors, so it's no dependant upon the weather. There are several good mobile apps for it, and a version is already included in Incredible.
Karl Peter I.
I found dancing to be the most rewarding exercise in the morning. Instead of sitting with a second cup of coffee dreading going out in the cold, or my long list of To Dos, getting up and bopping around to some motivating tunes on my headphones made me feel a lot better about facing our long coldest days.
Yasmim P.
The best way for me to stay motivated and active is to follow a few of the tips for gathering my gym bang the night before so I can just get up and go but once there the way I get the day started is jumping on the elliptical for 15 minutes then continue my workout
Marc T.
At least twice a week, I go to the gym and do HIIT classes. But in the morning what I always do is yoga with videos online. It’s free and you are still warm in your house.
Jordan Y.
My personal routine is wonderful for these cold days. I start off with jumping jacks. They are a great full body workout. I do X number, and each day I add ten more. I then plank, for longer each day. I finish with whatever other exercises I'm currently doing. Right now I'm working on my core, so reverse crunches, flutter kicks and leg lifts. But I always start with jumping jacks and planks. Full body, low impact, easy to increase.
Mads P.
I do just 10 minutes of ab exercises to get my blood flowing! It’s quick and challenging enough to make me feel like I’ve accomplished something just after getting up.
Pero W.
Try running a lap around your room, just one or two, as soon as you feel awake. Then go eat a good breakfast, all the while telling yourself how fun your run is going to be. When you finish eating, then go run a lap around your house. Then get your warm clothes on, and you’ll be ready to go outside and try! (Riding your bike is also fun😊)
Lucie I.
I love Fitbit coach as you can choose the length of your workout depending on how much time you have. The workouts are great because you don’t have to think about what to do and you can do them indoors without any equipment needed!
Marian Y.
Maybe I'm the wrong person to answer your question, because I like running more in cold weather. I won't get too hot and can run longer. The body is amazing how it produces heat when you run. You won't be cold long. And actually for me it is better to go out in clothing that in the beginning of my run is a bit chilly so I won't get uncomfortable when my body gets warm.
Julia P.
I have a dog, so I’m going outside anyway in the mornings. But there are lots of easy indoor exercises like push ups, sit ups, squats, that you can do right out of bed. I’d google things like “right out of bed exercises” and see what appeals to you!
Nanna X.
I usually jam out to some music and throw in a few pushups, sit-up, or anything else that I feel like doing. It’s an easy workout that I actually enjoy. Especially when I’m running late, it’s perfect!
Leonard F.
I prefer to exercise after work as I’m more of a night owl. But when I do exercise in the morning if it’s cold and I’m trying to get fit again I don’t go running as I just really don’t want to be hugging and puffing outside in the miserable weather, instead I put on a great playlist and either do a ballet workout an asana rebel yoga workout or if I’m getting fitter I’d do a hiit workout all at home with just a mat and exercise outfit, ballet I use a half wall in the kitchen in place of a barre.
Britney N.
I typically work out at night instead of the morning, however if you are looking for something in the morning I find doing yoga or just some strength workouts are enjoyable, especially during the cold months when running seems like so much work haha!!
Victor Z.
I would say, go for nearest one first – 7 minute start routine, to get the juices flowing. After you complete it, you will surely feel more up to task to do a run
Gilbert J.
I practice just a short yoga routine in my apartment. I think if running is what you want to do for exercise then you can definitely do it! If it feels difficult to get motivation to start, having a running partner could definitely be helpful.
Alban Y.
It’s so cold out it’s ridiculous, but thankfully it’s warming up. I like doing calisthenics in my room or Pilates. Invest in a couple of yoga mats so you can workout at home. There’s tons of apartment friendly workout videos online you can check out. I’ve been doing core strength exercises as well as pushups and squats which target multiple areas at once. The hardest part is starting so if you have to just roll around on the yoga mat for a few days, then go for it. Just get out of bed.
Paul S.
I get that. I am doing yoga inside to get the body moving while the days don't warm up a bit. During the weekend, I will sky to get an outdoor workout!
Morris S.
I find that some form of yoga is a great way to start off the day. You can wear your pyjamas and stay in the comfort of your home. There are some great apps that show you workouts and even meditations to help you achieve your goal. I hope this helped you on your journey to better yourself and your life.

From a fellow Fabulous user.

Curtis Z.
When it's cold out I like to exercise inside at home. I have an exercise bike and I just use a timer and do that. It's also effective to find a video of an exercise that you enjoy doing and use that. It could be yoga, or Tai Chi, or aerobics, but it should be something that you really love doing. Another way to approach it if you don't like so much structure, you could put on music and set a timer and dance. The thing is you should pick something really fun so you enjoy it and look forward to it. You could also try a combination of several different short workouts in order to keep it interesting. If you do that try to start with something that is slow and has stretches to start out, have the most intense workout in the middle, and a slower cool down routine at the end.
Troy P.
I suggest braving the cold with baby steps: jump rope, jumping jacks, quick sprints or lunges. They are all quick and will get you back to a warm spot rather than running a long time. I also if schedule permits wait later in the day for it to warm up and then venture out.
Ruby T.
If running isn't your thing than it can sometimes be easier to simply put on your favourite tunes and dance while you pull off your morning routine
Ernest J.
Personally I do video workouts at home in the morning because I find them fun and it removes the weather element. Inside workouts you could try are: yoga, Pilates, dance workouts or any other guided videos – there are so many free ones available on YouTube. Find exercise that you enjoy and motivation will be much less of an issue.
Darlene C.
Just move about to start with. Use one of the options in the app, dance, anything. Run once the weather is nicer and you hace built up the motivation.
Micheal Z.
Yoga. I started when I was 17. Now I’m 57. It has saved my life. With MS, I can’t imagine how hard life and movement would be without yoga. It permeates every area of my life. Easy to do first thing in the morning or late at night or when I’m in pain, even the middle of the night. My preference is about 3x daily. 20 min sessions.
Diane S.
For right now I'm just doing a little bit of yoga and core work every morning. A lot of the time I just leave the yoga mat out. It reminds me that I want to do it and it's one less thing I have to do to get started.
Isauro Q.
I have a simple crosstrainer that I use in the morning. I play two or more songs when I use it, after which I can start the day full of energy. I don't have to worry about the weather or about what to wear. It therefore takes me little time and effort. This makes it is easy to stay on track.
Sigurd C.
Try getting a yoga mat, a jumping rope and work out at home. I recommend to start with the flexibility/stretching session at "make me fabulous" section, then would continue with the 7 minute scientifically proven esxercise session and then move to something more specialized once the habit is set.
Joris S.
Dancing is the easiest exercise, it’s also cheerful and fun. I usually go for CrossFit indoors, but I wish I dance those days I find it heavy to move 😊
Delmiro S.
Yoga is great for first thing in the morning! It really helps me to find my focus for the day, helps me wake up and leaves me with a sense of peace and accomplishment. I love Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club, paired with yoga radio on Pandora, and the Fabulous! This is my winning combo!
Avery F.
I love walking in the morning. When it's cold I go to the gym and usually by the time I'm leaving I don't even want to pit my coat on.
Sedat O.
I practice Ashtanga yoga and found doing it at home the most convenient. I aim for 40 a day but I have a 20 mts practice for days when I feel tired.
Scott Y.
Jogging is the easiest I think. Play some music on headset and just move till your body is ready for other exercise. As short as 7 mins works.
Sarah S.
I like to either follow along with a yoga workout (I follow along with videos on YouTube) or a calisthenics workout and I do both inside where it's warm
Valda E.
I do free body exercises and stretching. A number of short sessions, 30 seconds each. Some mornings I am energized and it easy to do them. Some mornings I go through them with less intensity.
Katrin O.
I have been using the 9 minute routine and – more often- the 4 minute abs routine provided by the app, since I am always in a rush and there’s snow on the ground in my area 👍🏻
Dion Sio C.
I do hiit training for 5 minutes every morning . It’s easy and it gets my heart rate up and running from the get go. Lots of easy routines to be found on YouTube 😉
Anna C.
Sit ups because they are so easy to do, then stretching a little before push ups. That's the core morning excersise but it can be appended
Chiara T.
I go walking for at least 30 minutes. This helps me think and plan my day as well. I am aware of my surroundings as I walk, taking in the sights and sounds.
Layer up to protect from the cold and as you warm up, remove each layer to cool down as necessary. However, I like to sweat, confirms to me that I've done something worthwhile!
Gretel Q.
I like to do yoga in the morning. You can do it in your living room, it's easy to start small so the motivation is less of a barrier, and it's a great way to clear your head before you start your day. Not great for cardio, but for flexibility and muscle building, it's a great foundation to build on.
Brittany Z.
Anything I can do from home is the easiest and best way that I am consistent. I also have cold weather right now and if the exercise involves leaving my house- you can guarantee I’ll convince myself out of it!
Tammy O.
I really like to dance to my favourite songs while making breakfast or getting ready. If you’ve actually got some time, try BohoBeautiful Videos on YouTube. From yoga to cardio, they got everything
Mia U.
Hi. Yeah, its cold outside. Especially in the morning.
I like the kind I can do inside. Preferably in the bedroom. Right now my favourite is the app 7min workout. I also like power yoga
Anatol B.
Don't worry, you're not the only one. I am thinking to go for a walk but either it's cold or rain or it's dark and i want some sunlight. I just making excuses sometimes. It's difficult for me too, to get out of my warm bed and if i want to be honest sometimes i stay there. But there are choices, if you have a gym membership you can go to the gym but if you are not gym type we can do whatever you want in your house, all you gone need is will power, a little space and maybe a yoga mat or something like that -non slippery. There plenty of good instructors and workouts on youtube or even apps. You can find whatever you want from just streching, pilates, yoga to boxing, dance. Its up to you. Right now, i am having a little difficult time so i am not i mood of working out but i stick to some stretches, walking on foot for my job and private lessons. Just small things but even them are better from nothing.
Diva P.
I like to run, too, but I find it too big and too dependent on external conditions to be my morning routine. For that I need something that warms me up a bit and stretches me out. What works for me is a little yoga. I do three sets of sun salutations as soon as I get out of bed. I’m awake and stretched and can then take my time deciding whether today is a day for a run or something else.
Emma E.
Where I live, it's cold outside too& we just got alot of snow over night. The coldness& severe heat in the summer is not good for those who have Fibromyalgia& arthritis. Luckily the little bit of exercising I do is light snow shoveling. All other times of exercise I do is house work. I take care of both my parents& raise my young daughter, &my parents help take care of me & her.
Brian E.
I have the same struggle but for me it is due to heat (Australian Summer Time!)
I have found that the only way to go is to ease into it. Dress appropriately and hold in mind the steaming hot shower you’ll have when you get home. (Or jumping on the pool for me). You don’t have to marathon first day out, just do enough that you feel you’ve accomplished something. The next day you’ll know what you are in for and you know you can deal with it because you did it yesterday.
Alex P.
Exercise tapes are good. If you have a bike, you can also attach it to a trainer to make it into a stationary bike. Cycling Videos Online has some really good tapes that simulate rides. I use both to exercise. It’s easy and convenient
Paula S.
Don't start with running you'll hate your life. Start off with something like 5 minute carido YouTube videos. You don't have to go outside, they don't take long, and it helps get into the groove of exercising easier.
Robert S.
Honestly, it depends if you have time.But if I had time, I would do a 6 lap or 4 lap jog around a park or somewhere you can run comfortably and easily.If you didn’t have time, I would recommend doing some stretching in the morning:)
Emilie Z.
Try looking up a 10 minute calisthenic workout, plenty of them on YouTube and you can do it right as you wake up, as good as a cup of coffee to get you going
Amandine A.
I find something like yoga or walking is better on the morning, at least until you get used to exercising in the morning.