How do you do exercise when you don’t have the time for it

Sofie X.
I try my best to make time and if there is absolutely no time, I usually just walk around a lot because it’s better to move your body a bit than none at all!

Salma F.
It's not a must you do a full-on workout. Instead, you can just do like… A walk, or the "Just get moving " workout on fabulous

Felix F.
Hey the first thing you need to find is some time for yourself cause that's the biggest secret for becoming what you want and ya if you still have a short span of time then you can do just . min workout even I use to do it sometimes whenever I am in rush and ya it helps to just find some time away from social media and phone and you will start feeling that you have a lot of time to spent on your betterment

Rose U.
I stretch the parts that I normally do that are sore, but I do them faster. Either that or I don't stretch until I have time later.

Sofia S.
Even the simplest things could be exercise . Taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Waking up a tad bit earlier for a 10 minute workout. Trying to organize your time is a great first step