Is there anyway to avoid a plateau? Sometimes it takes so long to get results. Other times no matter what you do, it seems you are not losing at all.

Marilda T.
It depends on the habit. If it involves learning a new skill with a learning curve then it can take a lot of practice to start. This is sometimes called an "S curve" because it takes more time for less progress in the beginning, then you start getting way more result per minute of practice, until you start mastering the skill and progress slows down again (the "polishing" phase). In my opinion the best way to improve from there is to find a new skill that builds on the old one (like if the first skill is practice an instrument, the new skill can be learn a new song every week). If the new skill uses the first skill, then this builds a new S curve on top of the old one, reaching a higher level of skill. You can also think of this as learning a skill, then learning to apply it to something.
George T.
Yeah the more you do it you start to enjoy it and learn that there are many ways for you to be able to do the task results only matter depending on the goal and tasks performed to complete the goal
Lydia S.
I'm not personally exercising to lose weight. I do it to get my my heart rate up and get the juices flowing through my body. Sorry I'm not more help.
Kelly W.
No, I don’t think there’s any way to avoid a plateau. A plateau is a call for change. It seems that a plateau is inevitable. Like you’ve been working in one way and establishing these routines for a long, long time. And when the plateau hits, it’s a signal from your body to you to inform you of needed change.

However, as far as other times when you’re not seeing results, the first thought I would have is have you spent enough time effectively doing the thing? Sometimes we think we’re changing in a consistent manner but with proper journaling or tracking we find out that we’re not. Have you tried that?

If you have, then I think that may be more of how you’re imposing these things you’re trying on your life. Perhaps it’s an exercise routine, or a new way of eating. Perhaps being willing to start over and take smaller steps would be a way to regain your footing. Remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” but brick by brick.

From another angle, perhaps the program that you have chosen is not the right one for you. What are you trying to assess? Perhaps the focus of the program is not quite right. Do you have a support system?

Ava J.
It's all in how you perceive it.
For example:

When I do something like workout, I am just enjoying the workout. I'm not look in the mirror everyday to see if there is something different with my body.

If you reach a plateau, then switch up a workout, playlist, or remember why you are doing this in the first place.


Act as if you have the body you want now.

Just try and play pretend for a little bit.

What would you do if you have the body you want.

How you you treat yourself.

How would you talk to yourself ?

How would your family, friends or love one treat you?

This can also be applied to any goal you want to achieve in life too. Not just your body and working out.

Hope this helps you because I have been there.

Sonia N.
Noo there is actually no ways to avoid and yes I loose it when I'm committed…..but I get easily distracted towards food which is poison for me….I could do this bcaz I have done it once BT why am I not concentrating….now I think its too much I have to go straight rather than distracting myself
Ellie P.
try thinking of the bad consequences that'll occur when you don't set these routines or you can think of the amazing results you'll get if you do set these tasked daily or you can make your friend encourage you everyday
Christopher J.
I started to lose weight a little harder, but ot's ok. As long as you loose even 1 kg in 2 weeks, it's ok. Your body knows better what its better for it. Just trust and make gym 😍
Jerry U.
I find having an experienced person to check in with helps. It might be a physio if you're recovering from injury or a gym trainer if you're doing weights or just someone more experienced who has been there 🙂
Cecilie C.
A plateau is perfectly normal and a good indicator that shows you may need to change the workout routine. Increase the rep by one more or change the exercise. Keep the mind and body guessing in order to adapt.
Kelly C.
You have to keep going even when life gets hard keep going and have something tgat you believe for me it is Jesus Christ
Arthur Z.
Gradually increment difficulty, let it be run for a little longer, a little faster.. Always push and aim for the breaking point. Find where you start to struggle or it isn't as easy to be good at whatever you are doing and train to improve that.. Always moving forward always progressing to find and extend that breaking point. stay positive
Lieschen E.
Losing ? As in loosing weight. This is what works for me. Count calories, take 500 to 1000 less then your BMI suggests a day. intermittent fast as many days a week as you can. Jog 2 miles a day every morning if possible. Or at 1145pm, just make it a daily habit. . Drink water. Have cheat days regularly. Weight will fly off. As it does. Hit some weights. Pushups. Squats, deadlifts. And anything after that just play sports you like. Most important is to be deficient in calories. 3500 to lose 1 lb of fat.
Freja G.
Switch up routines every other day or weekly. You don't have to work out super hard, just regularly.

Also fasting helps the body in so many ways. Start with intermittent fasting. 8/16. Break your fast with fruit only but do your workout before you eat your first meal.

Don't eat before 10am. The body is still detoxing with fasting until then and is not really ready to start digesting food until after 10am.

Your body will be supported so much more by helping it regularly detox waste from your body through fasting and it is a perfect compliment to working out.

Auguste E.
Plateaus happen and they don’t necessarily need to be avoided, just worked through. But if your plateau is going on too long it may be time for a change, switch up your breakfasts or add some yoga to your cool down after a workout.