I have trouble focusing. Do you have suggestions for ways to keep me focused and on track?

Apollonia U.
It depends On what your focusing on, but I recommend for work etc to have time slots.. for example 30 mins of work and then a 5 min break. I also recommend essential oils which help concentration. Try yoga and meditation to boost your concentration levels! I give myself small rewards after completing a task, this could be a small snack or a slightly longer break from work Hope this helps and if you need anything more make sure to ask .
Cecira Z.
I’m a fan of breaking down big tasks down into small bits and then setting a deadline for each of those. Google Tasks (part of mail or calendar) is a wonderful way of keeping such lists because you can have a big project – “Clean the garage” – and then add subtasks – “cut up and recycle boxes” “put goodwill donations in car” – and assign each of those subtasks a due date. Reminders will be sent to your phone if you have the app installed and they will appear on your google calendar too.
Aline W.
I like to concentrate on my end goal – to get off another diabetes med and to feel great. I envision the final me and a new, healthier lifestyle.
Eckhart U.
Have you tried a pomodoro timer? It basically had you work for 25mins, then rest for 5. The catch is that you need to force yourself to WORK during those 25mins, no texting, spacing out, etc. If 25mins seems like a long time to focus starting out, start smaller! Even 5 minutes of pure focus with maybe 1 minute rest is a great start. You can do this!
Ryan T.
1. Put on some music that can help you stay focused
2. Find a place that’s quiet (ex:bedroom)
3. Or watch a productive YouTube video(s) (YouTube acc.:tbhstudying, studyquill,revisgn,)
Phyllis N.
Yes. I'm so easily distracted and between my kids and phone calls, i feel like the little focus i have is given to them.
Clifford Z.
Perhaps Sit at your desk, put your phone in the other room where you can’t hear it or reach it have everything you need to focus on the task at hand and just get started.
El Onore T.
As an adult with ADD/ADHD I have struggled with staying focused. A couple of years ago, I started using the pomodoro technique. Break work into 25 minute intervals separated by short breaks. It helped me a lot. Good luck!
Leslie R.
I recommend a few apps, "Cold Turkey" for PC, it blocks websites and apps, so you don't get distracted. The second app is for your smartphone, and it's called "Stay focused," it can also block apps. These apps are great for procrastination because they're hard to stop once you have set your timers to block stuff. Lastly try the Pomodoro technique, you work for 25 minutes and then get a 5-minute break, apparently, this also helps with focus. You can use "Tide" as a timer. Above all, "Headspace Plus" is excellent for focus; it trains your brain to get good at focus, its a meditation app. Also, exercise and proper nutrition will help.
Alison E.
When you are feeling distracted is usually also a feeling of tiredness. Try doing energizing breathing exercises. I liked the breathing app but there also a few others you can try. Good luck!
Marlene Z.
Focus on the goal, it will help you to move towards it. Distractions are common, trick is to getting back to focusing your goal and soon the distraction fades away
Angelina O.
Great question… I struggle with this too.
I've tried the Pomodoro technique and that is helpful if you can get started!
Tess E.
If you have trouble focusing, it's better to be in a quiet place, where no sounds can be heard. Music also helps me focus but the music would be a relaxing type of music.
Basile A.
Stay mindful and catch yourself when you lose focus. The moment you realize that you have lost focus- come back to the task and refocus. Say cancel cancel – I will not be distracted by that anymore. As you continue to catch yourself and refocus always using this mantra/chant- you will eventually soon not be distracted anymore and will retain full focus for long periods of time. Always remember, cancel cancel I will not be distracted by that anymore.
Johannes J.
Always try to visualize how satisfied and happy you're when accomplishing your goals, this could motivate you keeping on track
Arnulf T.
Try approaching it in smaller increments. There’s a proven method called the Pomodoro. You set a timer for 10-15 minutes, and, in that time, you focus on one task. Repeat this two more times and then take a five minute break for anything you want! In your sessions, make sure you turn on “Do Not Disturb” on your phone and minimize any other distractions. If you’re finding yourself straying online, try an extension for Chrome called Momentum. That might help!
Ticira F.
I don’t know that answer I’m starting over and trying best to stick w only five habits at a time or one habit at a time.
Ernesta N.
The beloved writer Neil Gaiman once said when asked about boredom: “I think it’s about where ideas come from, they come from day dreaming, from drifting, that moment when you’re just sitting there…”
“The trouble with these days is that it’s really hard to get bored. I have 2.4 million people on Twitter who will entertain me at any moment…it’s really hard to get bored.”
What I take from these comments that are relevant to focus and staying on track are that reducing all the external noise is very important. We can’t do everything and when we do too much quality will suffer. Decide what is your priority and don’t give yourself an out, if you drink a glass of water each morning and walk your dog…. that’s what you do, there is no other option!
Nikolaj Z.
I also get distracted easily, but what helps me is to just gently remind myself to return to the task and that whatever distracted me can be put on pause for a little while.
Byron F.
Use a schedule. I use my phone calendar and organize my days in advance to keep me on track. Remember to also schedule in down time and time to cut loose and have fun. If you schedule in only the mundane boring g tasks you will most likely deviate from completing everything you need to.
Simon Z.
I just stop whatever I’m doing and do one of my stress relieving things to clear my mind for awhile. After that I’ll usually be able to pick up whatever I’m doing and focus again.
Helmut Z.
You could focus on doing one thing at a time and then manage your time better that is what helped me a lot. Dont listen to me tho I cant focus
Beverly N.
Set yourself a timer for a short amount of time, and tell yourself that you will work as hard as you can during that time, after which you can reward yourself and take a break. 25 minutes is enough to make a good start on something. Turn off all distractions during that period to make it easier to stay focused.
Jeremiah Q.
When you realize you are not focusing anymore, do not feel bad, neither do not continue to do something else (like chatting or looking the social medias). Gently, realize and accept it and then go back to work immediately.
Marius P.
Everybody once in a while deals with a lack of focus. This happens on many reasons. What I suggest is review your priorities. Are you doing the right thing? Maybe they have shifted towards something else and you don’t think it’s relevant. Or maybe you’re trying to focus at a wrong time of the day. Are there any distractions or something worries you? Be honest with yourself.