Do you think stretching (like yoga) is a form of exercise, or should it involve increasing your heart rate?

Julien G.
There are many different styles of yoga sessions. A more intense yoga session will warm your muscles and causing am increased heart rate. This would be an example of a yoga session that would count as exercise/physical activity. There are other forms of yoga that are more restorative that do not increase the heart rate and would not count as exercise/physical activity from a health perspective. Restorative/stretch-focused yoga sessions are valuable on their own right and should complement a healthy lifestyle. However, they would not replace a heart-health, muscle building activity.

Anica G.
Yes I think yoga is great exercise. Stretching is so unbelievably invigorating! Especially if you are running after kids all day getting the cardio this way, yoga is the perfect addition.

Fabio F.
Yoga is a form of exercise. It will increase your heart rate if you are doing a deeper stretch / a more difficult pose that requires you to hold longer / a series of pose in a faster pace like (flow).

Julia U.
Yes but I do believe you should be doing something to elevate the heart rate as well. I like the feeling post workout after a run or cardio the boost of energy or the relaxing sea that follows a good yoga session. Both are important to your well being.

Lydia U.
I think that flexibility is as important as strength and cardio vascular fitness.

Adam T.
Definitely exercise – you are improving your physical body! However, the type of exercise that increases heart rate is good for strengthening the cardiovascular system, muscles, and increases calorie burn too.

Karen F.
There are four main types of exercise. Endurance exercise is aerobic. It raises your heart rate. Walking and running our good endurance exercises. Strength training including things like weightlifting makes your muscles strong. Balance exercises are important, too. I like to do tai chi. Yoga is a flexibility exercise. To sum up, the four types of exercises are: endurance, strength, balance And flexibility. You should do them all.

Christina F.
Yes. Yoga is a form of exercise that helps to energize and relax the mind and body. It can be used to help relieve sore muscles or to push the body to improve flexibility and core strength.

Greta O.
Honestly, any time I am purposefully moving with the act of improving my health, that counts as exercise to me. If it gets you up and away from your couch, chair, or bed, it's helping you to become a more physically fit person.

Deondina P.
I think stretching is a fabulous form of exercise. It helps you with performing other exercises. To me, an exercise is something that improves your overall health and stretching is something that greatly benefits one’s health.

C Cilia S.
If you want the definition of exercise verbatim: it is an activity requiring physical effort, carried out in especially to sustain or improve health and fitness. The thing about yoga is that you can do it almost everywhere and you don’t need special equipment for it. It also enchances your flexibility, endurance and muscle tone. Some poses can strengthen muscles as well. If you want to stretch, go for it! It’s great for stress relief.

Alberte G.
Stretching is an exercise. Also it can even reduce your weight and make you feel light if you a follow a proper diet along with it.

Sacha Q.
I definitely think your heart rate needs to be increasing to count as exercise, however, being a huge fan of yoga Id say there are a lot of times my heart rate increases and i sweat during yoga. Depending on how challenging the pose is and how long i hold it for.

Philomena Y.
Power yoga helps with strengthening your core and body at the same time. Many poses are intense enough to raise money heart rate.

Alexander Y.
I think it depends on the individual. If you haven't been exercising at all, then absolutely a yoga session counts as exercise. You should also take into account how strenuous your poses are. Yoga can be a useful strength training exercise. In the long run, I would aim for alternating yoga with running or something else similar.

Valdo Q.
Yes I think stretching is a form of exercise. Especially for those thar are not limber. It will omprove muscle joint and skeletal health.

Faustine Z.
For me, I think its a form of exercise. Even if it doesn't increase heart rate that much, it strengths your muscles. It is difficult to maintain different and difficult poses. Haha.

Debbie J.
It is a form of exercise. Static isometric exercises are also an important form of exercises and usually they don't affect your heart rate either.

Terrance R.
I think that stretching is a good start for someone that is starting out or who is really unfit. Pair that with a walk and it is excellent. Later on it is important to exercise that will increase your heart rate.

Kenneth F.
Stretching muscles and the balance control in yoga can take a lot if you are not use to it yet. To start off those would be excersises themselves, then you can build more of a exercise routine on to them later.

Glen W.
Yoga is absolutely a form of exercise! I’m a certified yoga teacher and the studies showing the positive impact on heath are overwhelming! Yoga is a wonderful way to increase flexibility, strength and cardiovascular health (not to mention the mental benefits!)

Teresa Q.
I believe that it is an exersize because it requires effort. Sure it doesn't raise the heart rate as much, but I don't think that should be the definition of an exersize.

Ezio S.
Yoga is for relaxation and to stretch out all the stress that you had today or the previous day before. So, it won't hurt to have a little heart rate. But, just remember to relax while doing your exercise routine

Britt Z.
I would say it is a good start. If you’re just getting into exercise or are returning from a long break, doing anything that improves your physical capabilities (like flexibility) should count. However, use it as a stepping stone. After you get comfortable with doing yoga, try sprinkling one or two runs or visits to the gym. One way you might ease into that is to include some push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, squats, and/or planks at the end of your yoga session.

If on the other hand you’re already working out 3+ days a week but you also want to do yoga on your days off, I also think that should count. You’re taking time out of your day to work on your fitness. Just try to do it around the same time that you usually work out.

Keep it up!

Leonie U.
I think stretching is a form of exercise as you are still moving your body!

Mario J.
I don’t consider stretching a form of exercise but once you become stronger, more disciplined through stretching, yoga, you’ll be more inclined to stick to a regular exercise program.

Danilo O.
Yes, definitely. Stretching and yoga and other similar exercises affect your body's flexibility- which is factored into overall fitness in addition to endurance and strength.

Luna Z.
Any movement that gets you up and moving for at least 15-20 mins is exercise. Yoga gets your heart pumping just not like cardio. Stretches and yoga work with body weight and are great forms of exercise. Not to mention wonderful for the mind. You’ll get differing opinions but do you. Just move!