I work out in the evenings due to my work schedule and I do this 3-4 times a week. I’m finding it hard incorporating that into this app because everything in this app requires you to do it every day. Any advice?

M Line T.
I’ll always either find time to do a quick 8 minute movement practice in the morning so I’m able to check excercise off my list, or I’ll only check it off when I do it! I’m having the same issue!

Lexi U.
On the days you can't work out, check it off anyways so it marks you've been doing your workout, and then you can work out the days that you can work out it shows your streak. That or write an email to the creators of the app to be able to incorporate a calendar to be able to put your schedule into the app and it schedules the plans around your schedule

Dulcin Ia Z.
I get it it’s not easy. What I do is I stop using the app and when I can I mark the amount of exercise on the app and it still tracks it.

Kristen C.
Unfortunately, I have always struggled with the same thing. It has always been easier to fit exercise into my schedule in the evening, but by then, I never have the motivation.
Would it be possible to adjust your schedule by 15 minutes?!? If you could go to bed 15 minutes earlier, then rise 15 minutes earlier, then you could incorporate something else into your routine- maybe 10 minutes of stretching or yoga, and that would complete your morning routine, and then your evening routines could count as bonuses.

Ruth Z.
Well the app is only a guide and a way to help you build daily habits that will eventually become your system. If you’d like to maintain working out 2-3 times a week then you could ask yourself if you need to track it or not. If you do, then accept that the streak for exercise will affect your overall one. It’s not a biggie anyway, the app is simply your cheerleader

Constance G.
I think you can still put it in your list for everyday. They dat, if by certain circumstances you are not able to eat, for example you are fasting, you can still tick the box that you had your meal. I think it will work the same with your workout.

Shahed G.
It's okay if u skip a day or two don't put so much pressure on urself it's not the goal of this app the goal of this app is to make ur life healther n help u make a good routine for your daily life, so no pressure, it's fine don't stress about it sm , n have a great day!

Esmail E.
In my opinion, 3 to 4 times in week isn't enough.If you want to be great, you have to have a commitment for your goals. Discipline the only way to success.

Fatma X.
I do a proper workout 3-4 times a week also, however with my current plan on this app, I do have to workout everyday, so what I do is I try to wake up 10 minutes earlier, so that on days where I am not doing my proper workout, I will still get in a short one. So every morning I’ll just do a few squats, lunges, plank, crunches, sit ups, stretches, yoga…etc. anything at all, it doesn’t matter to me how hard I work, as long as I get my 10 minutes of a quick workout or yoga session every morning. I still count this as doing a daily workout, even though it isn’t as long or as hard as the workout I would do 3-4 times a week. You could try that? See if it works? Just a quick 5-10 minutes of anything every morning? Hope it works for you! All the best, Izzy

Denis X.
Well, you could wake up earlier to get more time to do the habits but if you dont have enough sleep it's going to be even worse.How about try to wake up earlier so you can finish them?

Kirian X.
Hi!don't be discourage by the "every day" thing.if you train hard(lift weights or something else) continue to do it as you can, but in the day you rest from hard activity try something more light like yoga or a deep stretching session or just a long peaceful walk in nature during the day (if you can).It's always a way to move our body everyday. Hope this can be useful 💜

Saffron O.
I started to do just quick morning yoga or couple jumping jacks to wake up a bit. It was meantioned in one daily coaching, that everything'is counting. In the afternoon i'm trying to workout more.

Insa N.
On the other days, try to just do a little bit, just enough to count it. I think in the app it says at least 8 minutes. So how about an 8 minute walk? Maybe you do that already anyway on your way to work? Or do a morning yoga routine for 8 minutes?

Kei X.
8 minutes isn’t much time to get a full work out and part of this routine is about making mindful steps to keep your body active. Even if it’s a small effort. When u wake up, do you stretch? That counts too. Try squats while brushing your teeth. Reach for the ceiling while in the shower.

Duyen C.
you can work out intensively 3;4 days a week and light workout at home. Even small activity still counts, as long as it serves you

Ulviyya G.
I am doing my best to breath, drink water, count my blessings, workout each day. I do it sometimes in my own path. But always remember the Fab application when I can. Don’t worry, most important that You do it. ❤️🙏🏼

Laziza N.
Yeah, I totally understand you. My advice would be that you don’t need to workout in the gym every day, you can keep up to your schedule, but to be honest with yourself and the app, just do a little stretch or yoga when you are not working out, this is an exercise too.

Melissa F.
You could do breathing exercises for a couple of minutes the days you don't do workouts. And mark the task of exercise as done.
In the end there are exercises and they are benefiting your health and mental well-being.