What is the thing that motivates you to exercise?

Kaela Z.
Exercise is not just for the body, it is also for the brain and for the mind. I have been greatly affected by my emotions and I wanted to experience less frustration due to the consequences of my reactions to my emotions. Exercise improves emotional regulation and it is one of the reasons why I have the motivation to do it. Find an exercise that works for you. You can also have different choices and randomly pick one for the day to make it more exciting.
Moua Z.
I think looking to my future and being healthy so that I can be strong and resilient and able enough to live life well and comfortably. Also, the energy and confidence I've gotten from exercising has made me such a stronger and more outgoing person. Not for others, but for myself.
Andr Ia C.
Knowing that I feel good after I have done some form of exercise. Moving, stretching, pushing my body to do what it’s never done before. It’s also good for my mental health. I always wake up the next day feeling good after I’ve done some exercise
Hayli U.
Right now, I treat it as my nephews PE class. We do our 10-20 minute exercise together, which he finds so much fun. I’m not sure what I’ll use when he’s not doing this with me anymore Dx
Reginald S.
My bike is my transportation to work. I think that’s about the only way you can get to me exercise. I enjoy taking in the outside and the birds. I can see the little subtle changes that happen with the seasons. Yes its slower and I like that..it helps me not to rush and take the time that I need to get from one place to another. And well on those days that I am rushing out of the house I take on the challenge to see how fast I can ride. Even in the rain and cold it’s still nice to feel the different elements.
Cherelle O.
It makes me feel good. If I lay around too much I get headaches or feel like a pile o poo. So if I move (especially outdoors) it really makes me feel amazing. I am missing group fitness classes and used that as an excuse to not workout. But I am finding my groove and my place. It may not be as intense as it used to be but I will build.