To make exercise as a habit is good, but how consistent do we have to be with our format of exercises; can different exercises be done every weekday?

In S T.
I think is good to make the same exercise until it becomes very easy for you, obviously if you do a different exercise one day anyhing happens you know. This is just my opinion and I'm not a professional or anything so don't take me seriously. Luck, Ilysm!
Madalyn J.
I think exercise is awesome and it’s great to go to the gym or a class but at times I can become obsessed with it. So I think of it as movement and I hiking my dog on the weekend? Yes that’s movement and it’s also exercise.
Mia N.
Yes! I like to mix it up. Some days I do strength exercises, other days I do yoga/meditation, and some days I just go for a walk 😊
Minnie Z.
Yeah sure as long as you are exercising and are in process of making it a habit no format is needed ,, just do it freely ,,with a relaxed and happy mind
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Lloyd A.
I think it's good to make exercise a habit, but the type of exercise can depend on how you're feeling that day and your mood/energy. But if you're up to it, then sure I think it's fine.