How do you keep your exercise fun and fresh?

Z Rif Z.
I love to listen music while I do exercise. If u have a goal that, "I will have a healthier body, I will be fit, or I will lose weight by doing exercise" you’ll be successful in making exercise streaks, believe me. Empty your place, breath deep in and out, then turn in your fav music and start your session. Music will motivate you as well.
Louise C.
Honestly it's has become a habit and don't need to be fun or fresh. I mean just like brushing teeth. You simply don't actually pay attention how you do it, but you feel the result and feel good. The same is about exercising, without it you feel hard, while after that stretched and awake)
Marina W.
I turn on music and a track i love i smile too bc i enjoy my workout I feel it takes off my stress and sadness sometimes
Maddie N.
I like to change it up a little and not do the same thing everyday. Some days I have dance classes and other days I decide to take a walk down my street and back. Some ideas are walking/running, biking, yoga, dance, weightlifting, and just stretching in general. Also if you sign yourself up for things like how I signed myself up for dance classes your classes will basically decide what your going to do for that day.
Yasmine X.
I tried to go with something new every once in awhile justice up. So for example if you're used to doing yoga go do a squat workout or an ab workout period because it's not just flexibility or one part of your body that needs to be worked on it's your whole part of your body. Spice it up a little. I hope you have fun and have a fantastic day you are beautiful in amazing. Love you
Baylie N.
I browse instagram / youtube looking for new routines. Every time I find a routine I like, I add it to an ever-growing list of routines. So, when I get bored of something, I have a big list of different routines to choose from. It’s also nice to sort them into different ranges of difficulty, so on those days you are feeling unmotivated or tired you can choose an easier or lighter workout. Updating your music playlist is also super important.
Erin X.
I mix it up, I do home exercises which tend to be challenges which keep me engaged because they are 2 weeks long. I also go for walks in my neighborhood either first thing in the morning or after work. When I dont feel like doing a structured workout and it is raining I think I get a food workout when I do this because, I tend to repeat moves until I get it as best I can.