How do you stay motivated to keep working out?

Sara O.
I don’t actually use motivation that much. You see, in the past I have relied only on motivation and that goes away. You wake up a few days with the energy the motivation, the sense of “yeah! Let’s go!” And then it vanishes, because that is a feeling that is like a spark. It light’s up and it burns out quickly. I have found that discipline is where we need to focus. To make those conscious decisions of why you want to do something. Like when ai stopped smoking, or when I went on a diet. I take the decision every day of not smoking and I stoped some 20 years ago. The same with my diet change. I make every single day the decision that I am not going to consume sugar or refined carbs even though I love sweets and pizza. I have been on this new lifestyle for a little over two years and never looked back. But it has not been motivation, it has been discipline. The results of that discipline gives me motivation every time I hit a new goal. Does that make sense?