I really don’t enjoy going to gyms. What’s a physical or location-based cue that you use to keep up your exercise habit?

Belinda Y.
I do exercise at home in short intervals around 7 to 9 nine minutes. Usually twice a day, in the morning after I woke up and at night before sleeping.
Seth W.
I make sure that the gym I choose is on my way home from work so that I know when I leave work that I’m heading to the gym and I have no excuse not to. I also choose a really yummy protein bar and keep them in my car so I can reward myself with one after the gym. I make sure that I don’t ever snack on the protein bars so that they remain a treat for workouts.
Alexandra F.
I used to go out running or just for a stroll. But nowadays I do go to the gym and usually enjoy it, especially afterwards 😉 good luck!
Adam Z.
I put my exercise clothes out at night so I can get into them in the morning and pack my work clothes in my gym bag. This makes the morning ritual simple and once I am in those workout clothes it is hard to justify changing before working out.
Ana Lle E.
I’ve been training Taekwondo for almost 20 years and it’s gotten a mental and physical habit for me. I try my best to make it at least once a week considering my heavy schedule
Miguel Y.
I also never go to gym. And was too lazy for doing exercise daily but I just apply a 1minute rule -to walk for 1minute very fast. And then shifted to 5minute rule to do things actively. This makes my habit permanent. No harm in doing a 1minute activity. Let's do it ..
Silje C.
I do situps, cruches, plank etc. It's exhausting but after some time it's refreshing. Also it gives me time to enjoy music without feeling guilty of wasting my time doing it
Galileu Q.
I like doing yoga at home at the morning, I usually have enough space for that. Sometimes practicing in a yoga studio is a good idea too. There is a nice place for running to, when I'm not in tge rush in the morning it's a good place to go.
Henrique P.
Personally I play a location based phone game called Ingress (it is free) this keeps me going out even on the worst days for a walk and to tend to my game
Barbara J.
Walking is a good non-gym option. I don’t like the gym either, especially during the spring and summer. Instead of going to the gym, I plan to incorporate walking in to my daily life because it is a easy activity that make me feel good.
Ga L O.
It's all about getting into headspace. While making coffee, I put on upbeat music in morning. It invariably wakes up and prepares my body for workout. Try it out!
Fanny U.
I don’t really have a physical or location-based cue. This app has really helped more than anything to keep me accountable for exercise.
Kelly Z.
I’m now in the habit of excercising in my bedroom after I make my bed. You don’t need to go to a gym. Have everything you need nearby (but tidily stashed). Once the bed’s made I ask Google Home to play an upbeat song or playlist (I really like Cosmo Sheldrake’’s “Come Along and “Song 2 by Blur to get me started), and I find I am excercising more than the required time, because I’m enjoying myself.
Noah U.
For the most part, I'm struggling with chronic fatigue. But I know that after the gym I feel great and that makes me want to go. I keep this in my mind as a reward! I repeat my self that no matter how tired I am when I go, I will turn back invigorated.
Brennan Z.
I work out at home and I know that life gets busy. I try to set everything out in the morning so that when I come home I just go through the motions. For example, my workout clothes are out, preworkout made, and I have a workout plan in place. I immediately drink my preworkout and put on a motivation playlist while I get dressed and mentally prepare for my workout. Another thing you can do is set personal alarms on your phone with a message like “gym time! You can do this”
Annika W.
Thanks for you question. I don't really like the gym either. Therefore, I small things on a daily basis like go up and down at 3 flights of stairs least two times a day. For lunch I take a brisk walk around the building for at least 20 minutes and I do 100 jumping jacks every morning and 100 every night before bed. Good luck!! I hope this helps.
Silas N.
Try to exercise in your room or living room with YouTube. Also you can try to create your own home gym, there are lots of cheap weights.
Pedro A.
When I got started, I just made sure I always had my gym bag packed to head there right after work, no buffer time between work and workout.
Julie Y.
I make my bed after drinking the water, and that's my cue! Not to mention that my body is so stiff when waking up that stretching around is such a natural extension of waking up.
Ernestine X.
If you do yoga, roll your yoga mat out overnight and you'll be more likely to do it in the morning. If you lift weights, put them more in sight. If you dance, select which track you're going to play the night before and have the CD ready in a special spot. Prepare the night before and put the physical cues in sight or a place where you're likely to use them. Even if you're walking or jogging around the block, keep your comfy clothes handy.
Darren P.
Hi, I do yoga first thing in the morning, before I have time to find an excuse like I am tired or I am busy or I really should be doing another thing. Still in my pyjamas and while everyone is still asleep so no interruptions. The enemy is the snooze button 😂
Diocl Cio E.
Sometimes taking a friend along or bwing social with it gets me motivated to get up and go. I use the Competition feature on my Apple Watch and that prompts me to keep up with others.
Pauline U.
I usually go running in the mornings and try to do everyday a series of abs I found on youtube. It's called "Uptown funk abs". Super complete!
Allie E.
Buy training clothing that will make you want to wear them, and put them visibly out at night. This way, when morning comes, you will WANT to wear them, and then, since you're already dressed for the occasion, doing some kind of activity will be easier
Yann Y.
I do yoga after dinner. I wait for my stomach to settle with the food I just ate and do yoga when I am ready. My night feels incomplete without it now
Holly X.
I keep my exercise mat in the living room to remind me to do my morning stretches and physical therapy exercises. If I kept it in my bedroom it would never help.
Oscar W.
I don't go to the gym too, as I don't enjoy them too. In order to keep up my exercise habit, I go for long walks around the city or walk around the neighbourhood, or do some basic yoga exercises on my own (or even occasional push ups and other similar simple exercises). If I wake up in a good mood, I dance the macarena (nope, I'm not joking 😂) as it is an excellent aerobic exercise and fun at the same time
Donald J.
I have a clean tidy (and small) space in my living room, where I roll my yoga mat every evening. I kust do light morning yoga in my pijama so it requires minimum effort and time.
Marga Y.
The easiest is walking and I am fortunate to live near a wooded trail by a river. That’s the easiest because I can access the trail easily to walk or ride my bike. Now that spring is beginning and my knee is healing I can take advantage of the trail and enjoy watching spring unfold around me.
Anne S.
I exercise at home in the living room or bedroom. Bought a katllebell and two weights. This App Fabolous has 3 greats routines too. Use the 7 min one is pretty good
Liva Z.
Personally I book free classes with the gym. This means I make a commitment when I am not tired after a days work, I commit when I feel positive and enthusiastic. This also means you can plan your social and work life around your set exercise hours as they are planned in advance. Some gyms offer an app too so you can set reminders so you will not forget 🙂 maybe try setting out your gym wear the night before as a visual cue for the morning.
Chloe O.
I really enjoy Leslie Sansone’s walk at home. There is an app, and she has some videos on YouTube. It’s an easy program for beginners.
Debra Y.
I may try to find something to fun to the route of that gym. for example, a cafe that serve tasty coffee, or a shop selling something your favorite(e.g:books,frowers, wears, CDs …). you will be allowed to go there only when you have finished that exercise habit .
Sisnando C.
My goal to go to the gym changed over time. First I went to get into shape and now I'm focusing on the happy feeling after a workout, which I'm always getting and therefor always feel satisfied 🙏 Don't be hard on yourself and be patient. You need like 5-6 weeks to see your body changing. You could try to make weekly pictures of yourself, but try to get your motivation from the happy feeling after a workout 💪
Eckhard U.
Me too! All the effort, time, comparison…..I choose classes I really look forward 3 or 4 times a month, and have enough at home for everyday. Phone apps are great for adding variety.
Karlfried A.
I dont like going to the dentist but I rather do that then have no teeth , same for the gym. If you want to get in shape and feel good then stop whining and go , if it was easy everyone would do it…
Penny J.
You can do some really simple but amazingly good body weight excersices. Such as squats, push ups, pull ups and abs! Excercise in your living room!
Ann J.
First, if you don’t like going to gyms, I’d recommend finding an exercise you do enjoy so it’s easier to stick to. My go to right now is yoga, cycling, and cross country skiing. It can be literally anything. For cues, I guess having my bike somewhere I see it everyday motivates me to go for a ride. But also scheduling things with friends is the main thing that keeps me exercising. And I have a rule not to say no when someone asks me to go out with them for something exercise-y.
Alfred Y.
I do yoga in my home, so don’t need to go to the gym or good weather for running. There are apps — I use Asana Rebel. It’s also convenient when I’m travelling; I can easily maintain my exercise regime.
Justin Z.
What works for me is – First is make it easy for yourself – fond a gym that super close, ideally btwn work and home so you don't have to go out of your way or spend extra time traveling. Streamline getting to and from so the trip doesn't feel like an effort.
Keep in mind why you're going. Hang up an outfit you want to wear or keep a photo of your ideal somewhwre visible.
Keep track of the language you use in your head. You don't "have to" do anything, you "want to" (even if you don't like it). Words create momentum and reflect in out actions.
Lastly, try a reward system. Get a really nice pair of sneakers or splurge on some very nice workout clothing that'll excite you to go to the gym for the chance to use it.
Reward yourself for going a few days in a row.
Hope that helps.
Adrian Z.
Hello I have same feeling I don’t enjoy it but I have to do it for myself sometime we do things that we don’t like it’s okay just think about the results
Cathy C.
i don't like to go to the gym either but i like to dance and do some aerobic exercises. so that's what I do for exercising.
Liva G.
I usually take the train to university. I take the stop before my usual to walk through a forest. I love walking through it and it takes 20 minutes to walk to uni that way. It takes the same time as when I get off at my usual stop and catching the bus from there.
Sophie X.
I move my living room furniture & pulled out my weights. I do it first thing after I get up. Whether I’m stretching or doing a full workout I do it first thing. It’s now a morning habit that I look forward to.
Adrian U.
You can listen to a audio book or make your workouts about watching a series or movie. Having a buddy with you also helps
Mathilde W.
I always go out for long walks through boardwalk, parks and sometimes I go to the swimming pool: swimming in the water and hearing the noise of the water have a relaxing power to me
Maureen J.
Well I run every morning. I have never got up a go to a gym. So if you don't like going to the gym you could get into some running and you can ask a friend to join you.
Claus Dieter J.
For me, I exercise at home in my bedroom. I set aside 10-15 minutes everyday to do this. If you’d rather step outside of your home, I’d recommend exercising around your neighborhood to start or going to a park. I remind myself that no matter which area I choose that it is a place reserved for my exercise routine and by doing so I am improving myself every time I do it a little step at a time. Telling myself that helps put me in the right mindset to exercise.
Cosme W.
Just a hike is great. You hear the nature, the birds therushing water if you have creeks or even rivers. If you don’t want to hike than you could just go on a walk. Not just around your neighbor hood, by a river, no trail just you, the rocks and the river. And if it is cold there then you could just go sledding, a little fun back to your child hood. Pulling the sled around, up the hills are great for your lags and your arms. To make it even more fun bring friends with you. On either one of the activities. Pulling your friends while sledding really strengthens your muscles. You can even take turns and have even more fun. Have fun on your
Alexis C.
I workout in my bedroom, sometimes in my living room. Results may not be fast but this works out for me because it's more comfortable. No prying eyes and I don't feel conscious in case I make a mistake.
Therese S.
I need a space that provides an energetic feeling and promotes activity. As a person who struggles with physical activity, the space has to be user friendly and easy to use.
Geneci Z.
My own home is a cue; it’s where I do yoga. Also I live in the mountains surrounded by parks and when it’s warm I go out there.
Alberte E.
I do prefer to walk. I have to changw buses to get to my university but i skip one bus randomly so that i can walk. That is the easiest,convenient and affordable way for me.