What are some exercises that help get rid of arm fat?

Preeti O.
Body specific weight-loss exercises do not really exists. Any exercise will hel to reduce arm fat specially weight training.
Erin J.
Chloe Ting's lean arms challenge from youtube has been a lifesaver. My arms are so much stronger and (very obviously) leaner after only 3 weeks!
Florian E.
You can't get rid of fat from just one place like arm or belly. Restrict carbohydrates and you will lose fat from your whole body shorty. No bread, cookies, cakes, rolls, donuts, rice, potato. Eat vegetables instead. Give yourself one day a week for cheating or allow yourself one snack once a day.
Josefin A.
Boxing is great! It really tones the arms!
Just do it in the air and make sure to do it in different directions: out to the side, in front of you or uppercuts!
To really tone: do a series of different arm exercises and be sure to ALWAYS keep your arms up! Don’t let them drop!

Another exercise is just to put your arms out to the sides (hands at the same height as your shoukders, arms straught) and circle them forwards and backwards (make circles with your hands) and without letting them stop moving on to boxing etc. It’s great to keep your abdominals tense during this, making sure one the arms are moving.