How does one fit the exercise habit into their morning routine? Is this something done right before noon or, is there a better time after awakening to start exercising? A set time? Maybe even stepping out of doors in pajamas to reach the mail box considered exercise for eight minutes?

L Andro T.
In my experience exercising in the morning because finishing exercise gives sense of achievement right in the morning great start to day because I can’t trust mySelf to workout by myself I just step out to be in company of people who are working out gym park anything works fine
Theodore A.
I think there are lots of misconceptions about morning exercising. I could stick to this habit for three years, and during this journey I learned some tips that can help:
1- I found it easier to workout after breakfast. It’s hard to move with empty stomach ( it can vary for every individual)
2- setting an exact time for exercise would lead to an excuse. Instead think of finding the best duration.
3- don’t take it too seriously, just do it when ever you feel it. When you feel sourness in your muscles, go for a stretch session, and when you’re more energic think of more intensity.
4- don’t think of exercise as a weight lose tool. It brings more valuable benefits than just a reduced number.
5-examine your best exercise schedule, do your workout on different times during the day, and find the best case for you.
I hope these tips help you through your journey, wish you luck 🍀 and don’t forget that changes are showing up slowly, patience is needed.
Selma G.
I have been thinking about this as well. I think any of those things is a great way to fit exercise in your routine. You just have to figure out what you find fun or easy so you can keep it up everyday. I find stretching when i wake up very nice. It is calming and i feel like i can start my day really well after. Hope this helped, you are doing great!
Adrien T.
A set time is the best time and I do this Monday through Friday, however on the weekends I allow myself to exercise in the afternoons at the same time as a kind of reward for working so hard during the week but no matter what I exercise everyday so I can reinforce my new routine.
Zaina N.
I think k it really depends on the person's lifestyle, for example I have a lot of free time so i wake up drink water change clothes and workout, after that I have my breakfast and begin working. But some people can't workout out with an empty stomach so they do it after breakfast, so it really depends. But personally I think that the best time is in the morning. It massively helps you to feel energized for the whole day ahead !
Erna S.
I work out for only 30-45 mins, just basic workouts to keep my body in shape a bit. Finding time in your routine to exercise can be difficult, but just sitting down and really thinking about (or looking at) my schedule helps. I also try to base my workout time around what my to-do list has for that day. If i have many things to take care of, along with work, then my exercise wont be longer than 35 mins. If my schedule isnt super busy, ill allows myself more time to exercise! Its also preference. Some prefer a morning workout, to an afternoon one. Like how some people prefer morning showers over night showers.