What kind of exercise do you do? And before or after a morning shower?

Julie C.
Recently I’ve been hiking for about 1-2 hours of the day, but been neglecting… the app does have a great at-home exercise section though, all you need is a chair and maybe a step ladder and a mat
Filipe S.
I try the 7 minutes workout in the app, I found it pretty good and gets me energized. I prefer before a morning shower, for it to when i finish, I jump in to my breakfast, then take a nice bath, and finish sweet and smelling good xD
Lorraine Z.
I like to get on my bicycle and go for a ride first thing in the morning on the weekends. During the week, I will do yoga first thing in the morning or ride home from work. Shower after.
Michelle Q.
I usually exercise after breakfast, including yoga, meditation, and working in my garden in the growing season. I eat my morning snack and do whatever else needs doing outside. At noon, I head inside, eat lunch & shower. After lunch I nap, then wake up, do 10 more minutes of yoga & a longer meditation, especiallyif I hurt from the morning. I used to run every morning, I find early morning exercise really gives me energy. I hope this helps. PS: gardening can be very strenuous, with digging, raking, transplanting, compost turning, mulch spreading, tree trimming, etc. It is a lot of work. I exercised about 4 hours a day in the fall & winter aka our growing season. Summer is fattening! Lol
Julien C.
After a morning shower, I do 5 sun salutes. They're a good yoga exercise that helps wake me up and loosen me off in the morning
Ryan C.
I do a combo of things. I switch it up between long walks, elliptical, weights, or aerobic YouTube workouts. I shower after.
Preethi O.
I do exercise before a morning shower. I do little bit warm up, then stretches following which I am doing upper body, lower body exercises focussing on weightloss