Are there any little things you do that make you feel great?

Frederick N.
one little thing that always makes me feel amazing is just smiling. i smile to myself whenever i finish a workout or complete work for that day. it makes me feel happy and proud of myself & is scientifically proven to improves ones mood !
Sinaida X.
One little thing that makes me feel happy is to ride my bike, I need to do it at lest 5 days in a week, the bike mekes me feel free
Frank S.
Yes. I buy myself something after a stressful period at work like a nice pair of shoes or bag. I avoid treating myself to eat outs sonce I would tend to binge on food a lot.
Randy P.
Making food for myself makes me feel accomplished, it also makes me feel healthy when I make something nutritional for myself. Playing lacrosse or doing outside activities makes me feel great. Communicating with friends makes me feel great as well. Working out makes me feel very good and successful.
Tracy J.
something easy you can do to make you feel great is to just stop what you are doing and breathe. clear your mind of any stress or thoughts, and just breathe and relax for a moment
Sofia X.
I like to be kind to other, and show them what the right thing to do when they are in need of advice. Also, I like to show people that even if they feel alone, or unloved, there is always someone that loves then and who is there for them no matter what.
Meredith X.
Yoga, rain sounds, crafting, giving myself permission to "waste" a day playing computer games (it's a valuable activity), lighting a votive candle while I work, lying on the floor with my dog, making good food (a friend has always said "cook something, you'll feel better).
Lukas N.
I read or write or breath and sometimes go on a bike ride and I like playing with my friends they also make me feel good
Sarah Z.
Pampering myself a bit makes me feel good! I recently started giving myself facials (with nice smelling facial masks) before bed, though not every night. It's so soothing and it reminds me to take care of myself. You should try it out!!