Is it healthy to do a workout every day? Sometimes I feel that a day of pause is necessary for my body to integrate and/or heal from the exercise.

Terumi I.
No, it’s not healthy to workout everyday especially for a beginner. I take two days or one day off depending on the week. And working out diffrent parts of your body each day is beneficial for growth. If your used to working out everyday then yes, your body can handle it. If not, I wouldn’t recommend pushing through pain. I hope this helps your question!

Alfredo I.
Working out everyday can put strain on the body. After a workout, it’s important to let yourself heal, but to make sure you don’t lose the habit you are building, exercise by going on a walk or dancing to music you like. It doesn’t have to be a “workout” like running on the treadmill or following a tutorial, as long as you are moving your body, you are still following your habit and healing your body.

Frederikke Y.
Yes, it's really good and healthy to do workout everyday. It's gives you a better and healthy life. You feel relaxed and productive after doing some exercises. And yes you also need some break or you can take one day break in 10 days interval to heal your body from the exercise. keep growing 💗

Giuls N.
In my opinion , it depends on the intensity of the workout, if it is under 15 minutes I feel like you can do it everyday , but if it is intense then it is better to not do it everyday

Brent T.
I think it is healthy to do a workout everyday but not necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s good to let your body recover and relax. The most important thing about exercising is making sure you get your body up and moving and feeling better about yourself. Do as much activity is appropriate for you. Your health is never a competition, so try not to compare your exercise habits to someone else’s. Just listen to your body and enjoy yourself as you exercise.

Elo Se A.
it depends what do you mean by workout. in my opinion a workout is when you workout like an animal for minimum of 1.5 hours. then a rest day a week is essential, but when you mean working out as light cardio, then no, dont take rest days. light cardio is esse for human body to do every day. and of course, working out is healthy.