I have a hard time sticking to a schedule, do you have any tips that could motivate me to work out the same time every day?

Charlotte Z.
Do you have any other routines like brushing your teeth? Attach your workout routine either right after or right before brushing your teeth or another sort of similar habit.
Lucas Q.
Are you sure you are the morning person? Reward yourself after every completion of your morning workout session. What do you like? Cola? Chocolate bar? Avocado and banana smoothie? Whatever it is, reward yourself. It is the best way to commit to your new habit.
Lisa C.
Motivation only gets you so far. David Goggins addressed this in a way that convinced me. If you rely on motivation to stick to anything, the moment you lose that motivation you’re done. If you let go of the mindset that you need to have motivation, and understand & internalise than discipline, and a sense of duty towards yourself to stick to the schedule ( because you owe it to yourself to keep growing), you give yourself the opportunity to make this second nature to the point where you just feel off if you don’t work out. Do it first thing in the morning to both get it done and make you continue your day with a sense of accomplishment
Mildred O.
What works for me is that I do my workout on Elliptical and during the session I watch my favourite TV series. My rule is that if I want another episode I need to watch it while I am doing my workout. I also prepare for the long term: have the list of series I want to watch some time so this way I have always something that keeps me motivated.
R I E.
A lot of people find success when working out with a buddy! This allows you to pick a time that works for the both of you and you can help keep each other accountable and on time. Another excellent way is working out first thing in the morning before you do anything else. This way it’s done for the day and you can reward yourself with a healthy and delicious breakfast which creates positive reinforcement and aids in habit building.
George G.
My goals are drink water, exercise and better eating habits. The water it has been easy. When is time to exercise I said to my self better something than nothing and sooner – quicker. For the eating clean I’m listening podcasts and reading stories about people that changed their eating habits. Succeed stories make me feel that I can accomplish that goal too. Is not about how fast I do it. Is about to do something, to try something. I deserve a better version of my self! And this is what is helping me to achieve my goals.
Sara W.
Do you need to work out at the same time every day? Could you instead always do it first thing in the morning regardless of when your day starts? I wake up at different times every day, but the routine is always the same: smoothie, yoga and then real breakfast
Luciana C.
The same here. Its hard working out every day the same time. Our daily schedule do change. For me I work out the time that's most convenient for me. Whether its before work, first thing in the morning, or before bed.
Justino Q.
Every day is not the same and you may not be able to exercise at the same time but commit to exercising every day and do it when ever your schedule permits.Have exercises in mind that you can do under different circumstances
Mattie L.
Put it in your calendar – I would only do 4 dAys a week and those days are non-negotiable. Then be flexible for what exercise looks like. It could be the gym, or yoga at home or just waking the dog. It all needs to count until it’s all needs to count, then you can ramp up the type of exercise
M Lissa Y.
Just remember how’s good you’ll feel after you exercise and all the benefits for your mind and body. Also try and build the rest of your day around the schedule.
Berenice Q.
Sure. Don't use motivation to start the workout session. Often times, starting an activity is the hardest part and once we get our body moving we realize it's quite fun and it becomes way easier then. Don't allow your mind to procrastinate on starting an activity. Just count to 3 and start like an animal, no matter what.
Lia Y.
Muitas vezes nos sentimos incompletas e quando olhamos para trás e o que conquistamos sentimos um vazio. Esse é o motivo de pedir ajuda e procurar ser melhor todos os dias para que, quando chegar a noite, não fique a sensação que nada foi feito para tornar nosso dia melhor.
Hans Michael E.
I have been using the fabulous app notifications and it is helping me with my routine. I always had a morning routine but I really needed help with afternoon and evening. When I get the notification I stop what I’m doing and begin routine immediately even if I’m unable to do them all at that time I can at least do a few at home or away from home then finish them before I go to bed and this seems to be working to keep me on track.i hope this will be a help to you. “Take the first step in faith, You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”. -Martin Luther King Jr.
Annelie S.
I struggle with waking up every morning as well. But one thing that helps me is setting my alarm to some motivational music every day. And I dance a little to wake up. It changes my whole mood and it gives me the energy or the mindset to workout!
Hector P.
I have a often chaotic schedule, so I rely heavily on alarms and reminders from my phone and our smart watch. I change the ring tones depending on what I need to do.
Edward Z.
t̫h̫a̫t̫'s̫ s̫ t̫h̫o̫u̫g̫h̫ o̫n̫e̫🙄 b̫u̫t̫ i̫'d̫ s̫a̫y̫ s̫e̫t̫ y̫o̫u̫'r̫e̫ o̫w̫n̫ t̫i̫m̫e̫(b̫y̫ a̫l̫a̫r̫m̫) a̫n̫d̫ t̫a̫k̫e̫ i̫t̫ f̫r̫o̫ t̫h̫e̫r̫e̫! u̫s̫u̫a̫l̫l̫y̫ i̫f̫ i̫'m̫ n̫o̫t̫ i̫n̫ t̫h̫e̫ m̫o̫o̫d̫ t̫o̫ d̫o̫ i̫t̫ t̫h̫e̫ d̫a̫n̫c̫e̫ t̫i̫m̫e̫ t̫h̫e̫ f̫o̫l̫l̫o̫w̫i̫n̫g̫ d̫a̫y̫, i̫'l̫l̫ w̫a̫i̫t̫ t̫i̫l̫l̫ i̫'m̫ r̫e̫a̫d̫y̫! i̫t̫'s̫ n̫o̫t̫ a̫ c̫o̫m̫p̫e̫t̫i̫t̫i̫o̫n̫, t̫h̫i̫s̫ i̫s̫ a̫l̫l̫ a̫b̫o̫u̫t̫ y̫o̫u̫! d̫o̫ i̫t̫ a̫s̫ y̫o̫u̫ f̫e̫e̫l̫ i̫t̫👍🏽👌🏽✨
Orandino S.
I am answering with the obvious- either have a buddy that you’ve both agreed to same specific time daily, or attend a class that meets at same time daily, or like me, I work an away from home job M-F so I do my exercise same time out of necessity before I go off to work in the morning….. so far, so good 😊….
Sebastian T.
Me too! I just embrace my flexibility! I invite friends to workout rather than drinks, I hike, garden, etc. Schedules aren’t the only way to be! You do you!
Ernest F.
Do you have a favourite TV show?? It doesn't have to be a TV show just a show I can't live without?
Then schedule your time around that show or shows and set goals for yourself like; if the show is at 8 and you finish work around 5 try to go to the gym before that.

Or better than that is going to the gym early in the morning (it sucks for a while but within 2 weeks it become the norm)

Ehrhard F.
Put it in the calendar maybe. Calculate if you physically have time for that. Maybe you are having too much in your shoulders
Morgane Y.
Put it in your calendar, like an appointment. It also helps to have a friend who will either work out with you or keep you accountable.
Esther U.
Temptation bundling! If you pick something you really like to do with something you know your should do then only allow yourself to the thing you like while doing the thing you need to do it will be much easier to keep you committed. Maybe, you have a favorite tv show that you can watch only when your working out.
Oscar W.
Picking a time when you ordinarily feel good or energetic would probably give you a greater chance of success. Working out with someone else would make you more accountable too. If this isn’t possible you could tell someone what you plan to do & they could check-in with you. Keep the workout short in the first instance so it’s relatively easy to complete & as your priorities change you’ll start to fit other things around your exercise rather than the other way around.
Tony S.
1-try making the app one of the most visited.
2-put it in a noticeable place. like the permanent slots in the iPhone
3-combativeness is key, find a combatant like a friend
4-turn on notifications and put on the loudest ring to it.
5-last but not least. read the letters, THROUGHLY. focused.
especially “the future me”. it shows you what’ll happen if you keep it up.
good luck 👍
Charly Q.
If you workout a short manageable time period, it will be easier to reach your goal. What if you just try to workout for the length of a favorite song or two?