What’s your favorite exercise that makes you look forward to it, and not just do it because you feel like you “should”?

Lixtery N.
It is dancing I don’t even see dancing as an exercise. Dancing is something else. It makes me feel alive and it makes me connect to my inner self and live in the moment…
Heather O.
My go to exercises are to walk the dog and pilates. I also like getting out on my bike on the cool mornings. Having different options helps me.
Govinda C.
Simple stretching of hands and legs, rotation of ankles and wrists. This makes a immediate difference and in second the wakefulness comes to the body. The first thing I do in morning once I wake up.
Емануела Имамова N.
The best exercise for me is doing body workout and studying! For the workout I don’t do It cuz I should, I do it cuz I don’t want to look at the mirror and say “Well.. I guess I’m not going out today again..”, and I’m studying cuz I don’t want to grow up and say “Oh.. I wish I studied more when I was younger. Now the things can’t come back..”
Julie T.
my favorite one is a 7 minute workout by lucy, It’s not difficult and even when I don’t feel like exercising I can still be able to do it. I also do a minute run on the treadmill
Ahmed Z.
Jogging is my favorite exercise because it helps me relieve some of the stress and clears my mind. I feel a lot better after a long jog.