Do you actually do it in the morning always or sometimes end up doing it later in the day?

Lara U.
Normally, I have been doing it first thing in the morning right after I drink my water. I find that doing it in the morning gets me.up and moving and provides me with the burst of energy to get my day started. I have skipped it once in the morning due to being in a rush and ended up doing it later in the evening. I found that doing it later in the evening causes not be able to fall asleep as quickly as I normally do. I believe that this may be attributed to the face that I feel really energized and have a difficult time just relaxing when it comes time for me to go to bed.
Tommy T.
Mostly I will drink water and eat my breakfast right when I wake up. Sometimes I do the exersizing later but I still do it before lunch.
Ramya C.
Yes, I always try to perform morning rituals in the morning, unless I’ve woken up late or don’t feel like doing something in certain. If that is the case, and it repeatedly occurs, I will remove the habit in replace a more adjustable one.
Jordan N.
By "it" do you mean the routine?
Always try to get it done in the morning. Sometimes, I might move one part of the routine to night time, like meditating. But, I feel much better when I complete the whole routine together first thing
Ulha Z.
No, I don’t. I do it as soon as I can though and I try to put my workout clothes on immediately upon waking up so I can just hop right into it. I keep my yoga mat and iPad set up and ready to go in my bedroom at the foot of the bed. The combination of all that means it’ll happen. If anything, I try to do 5 minutes of ya go stretching if I don’t feel like a full work out and then usually feel inspired to put more time on the record so I do a slightly longer session later. I don’t push myself and every effort counts for me in terms of marking off exercise. I haven’t done more than 20 minutes a day so far because exercise is ready hard for me but I get so excited to have put anything down at all.
Rosy Z.
Usually later. First water, meds, breakfast, dress, clean up kitchen after cooked breakfast, then dance around to music while doing housework. Later that cool evening do a short walk.
Airton C.
Usually later in the day as I work weird shifts sleep ins so sometimes not at home, however I encourage the people I look after to exercise so I get some form of fitness in that way either nintendo wii or dancing I try to make it fun otherwise I get bored.
Catriona G.
I have half an hour of housekeeping time in the morning and incorporate most tasks into this. It's easy to remember excersise first thing because I love yoga and my dog demands a walk right after.
Alexandre Y.
Specially in the weekends, i have been waking up late, so i end up completing challenges later. But I consistently did all tasks as the first things in the morning.
Cheryl Z.
I do it first thing in the morning. Alright, to be honest if my bladder woke me up it's the second thing. Then I drink water. The two habits have merged into one morning routine for me.
Daria M.
I am actually doing it in the morning. At least I do something like yoga or stretches and then do something more challenging during the day. But I feel like I need to move my body in the morning, so I can't just ignore that.
Jesse P.
Hiya! My daily schedule at the moment is pretty out of whack (thank you lockdown) so my exercise usually consists of dancing around whilst I get ready, lifting some weights, or stretching in the garden whenever it is that I get up/want to throughout the day 🙂 I'm not pressuring myself about having a strict routine, but am becoming more aware of my habits and actions, and how they make me feel