Do you exercise to the same songs each morning?

Mikkel P.
I have now started working out as opposed to dancing to tunes which was first recommended. As I'm new to the exercises I spend a good amount of time learning the postures and the routine, so these days I'm not listening to music while exercising. However I suspect I'll get back to listening to music soon enough, once I'm comfortable with the exercises. In that case I generally have a workout mix/radio on.
Florinda Q.
I play music but when I lay in bed alot. The same songs play once in a while from YouTube music. I don't play music intentionally to exercise but I would try that.
Grace T.
I actually have Pandora stations that play just what I need in the morning. Which station I play depends on my mood. Sometimes I want a lil shake my booty music other times I want to bankhead bounce or do the running man.
Gina A.
Yes and no. I like to play the same song Everytime I start the ritual and then shuffle the playlist. No music when yoga.
Sevim Q.
Somewhat, I have a few playlists that I gravitate to that have songs for the mood I'm in or body need that I have.
Rasmus Z.
I have a playlist of 7 or 8 and I do 2 or 3 each morning varying which ones. I try new ones but if doing a particular song is going to motivate me then I roll with it.
C Sar F.
At the beginning of my train, I did. It was easier to be in the mood by using the same music each day. Now I can change of music, as it fits me ! Try Run, Run, Run by Celeste Buckingham 😉
Suzanna Z.
No, i'm a bit basic on that regard and usually listen to the music the gym is currently playing; that takes some anxiety from me, not having to choose songs, and also, I don't like carrying my mobile phone to the gym.
Matthew J.
No. I suggest using the workout Playlist start are made by Spotify or pandora or whatever music streaming service you like. They add and remove songs to these to keep them fresh and it's a nice way to discover new music. I would also suggest creating a Playlist of your favorite workout songs for those mornings that you are particularly unmotivated. It will help pick you up. Have a good one and good bless
Castor S.
I prefer to exercise to the sounds of nature. I do not like my headphones/earphones beating into my closed ear space, especially if I am exercising in the morning
El Onore Q.
I have 2 or 3 playlists that I use for dance workouts and another couple I use for walking to, but I also do yoga and stretching with guided exercises that come with their own soundtracks.
Alice Y.
Yes, usually I play my playlist in Spotify. Though at times I add new songs based on the suggestions they play or what I hear from the media, family or friends.
Christina T.
No. It can be different genres or even listening to NPR if I want to multitask. It really depends on my mood and the workout.
Cecilie G.
I used to listen to music when I ran but I no longer to any audio at all. I try to observe what is around me. People keep saying trying to stay in the present moment is important but I have not seen a diffence yet. Although I am continueing to persist and hoping that it will pay eventually.
Elisi Rio E.
I don’t use music or songs at all . Three days a week it the coach who is doing the count and other days breathing and thinking about what’s next works well.