How do I decide what strength exercises to do? I try new things but usually go into the gym without a great plan and end early. Is it just experimentation and picking something and sticking with it, or do you have suggestions for a routine or program?

Sofie E.
It’s all part of the process man. I’m still learning new things to this day. Sign up for a program, take a weightlifting class at your school or just do some research on this topic. I’m lucky enough to have the best strength coach in the state as my weightlifting teacher. Be willing to open your mind and learn from other people and go at your own pace.
Kelly Z.
Absolutely! Journaling for me is a way to express myself. I find that If I talk about a topic or issue, and write about I often come up with two different points of view. One never opposes the other but they are different. If I could draw or paint id often rather express it that way over writing words. Sometimes a picture is with a thousand words
Eloida F.
For me it is a road of experiments that never ends. I can't do something every time, it gets boring faster than I get any results, so I try to mix different exercises and try to discover something new every other week.