What do you tell yourself if you want to cut your workout short?

Nia O.
Keep pushing, keep going! The results later with be worth it. Unless your body is telling you otherwise to have to cut it short.
Fatuma F.
If I do this now I won’t regret it later. I can take it slow, or fast if it’s something that requires a lot of time. If I can I watch a show while doing it something lighthearted or whatever has got me hooked for the week. I have a heating pad that I use on my back and sore muscles afterwards so sometimes I think of that and how go exerting my muscles feels. It’s normal to sometimes not want to go through your full exercises that’s to be expected when you do it long enough or are just beginning. The key is to understand that it is normal and find things that make it easier on days when you would rather be doing anything else.