Are you supposed to stretch every time you exercise? If so, are you supposed to stretch before or after?

Mabel F.
I learned from a PT that it is best to stretch both before and after an exercise routine. Stretching before a workout warms up your muscles, while stretching after reduces muscle soreness. Doing so also helps prevent the risk of injury.
Diocl Ia N.
I think it depends on the exercise. When I run I don't stretch. When I go to the gym I do. And I always stretch after, not before.
Rosivalda S.
I don't stretch but I do yoga which is a stretching in itself. So if you want to stretch then do before exercise or as soon as you wake . This two ways are best because stretching help your body to regulate blood more fastly.
Levi U.
It depends on the type of exercise. If you are doing cardio, you should do dynamic stretches (stretches that involve movement) beforehand to warm up. If you are doing weightlifting or resistance exercises, you should perform static (stationary) stretches afterwards.
Dave C.
Yes, you're. Stretching helps your muscles stay elastic and function better in the long term. Also stretching helps to remove the milk acid from your muscles, which means they won't ache as much or at all, if you have a steady non-overbearing routine. You would want to warm-up before the exercise, and stretch after the exercise. When you stretch, you usually hold some static poses to relax your muscles. After this the muscle won't be able to join in the exercise fully for at least 40 mins, which kills all the profit of exercising. Contrarily, when you do some small dynamic exercises in the beginning, you prepare the muscles for the major workout, and that enhances productivity.
Dawn U.
Yes, before and after: especially as you get older, doing a warm up and recovery session around your training is important for preventing injury and optimizing performance.
Thea X.
I always do like 2-3 minutes of a warm up—jumping jacks, jogging in place, etc. to get my muscles warm, then 5-10 minutes of stretching before a workout. If you stretch your muscles without a small warm up, they are less flexible—kinda like taffy. If you stretch cold taffy, it’s more likely to tear than stretch. 🙂
Ethan S.
Yes, you are supposed to stretch every time you do exercise to make sure your muscles don't get sore or stiff. It is a good i sea to astretch s part of your warm up and cool down. A good warm up is a heart raiser, dynamic stretches and static stretches. A heart roaster would be running or stay jumps. A dumanim stretch would be walking lunges or sumo squats. The static stretches should focus on the musclea that you will be using but also all of them to losen up and reduce the risk of injury. Stretching before will also increase performance as you have warmed and prepared your muscles. A cool down should be sotmething to gradually reduce your heart rate. For example walking or side stepping. Then stretching after this.
David C.
Stretching is very beneficial, whether before or after workouts. I try to stretch every day even if it’s the only exercise I do that day. Having said that, It’s best not to stretch “cold” muscles. Stretching after you exercise when your muscles are already warm is great. When I stretch on non-running days, I walk around, swing my arms, etc. For a few minutes first to warm up my muscles first.
Amalie F.
I have played sports and exercised for decades and I have helped coach many different sports. Stretching is important but should not be done when your muscles are “cold”. Warm up a little by going for a light jog – about 1/4 mile – or enough exercise, like jumping jacks, to warm up the muscles. “Warm” stretching also works well. These can be stretches like High Knees, Lunges, Ladder stretches, etc. Look online for recommendations for a variety of stretches depending on the type of exercise you’re going to do.
Noah F.
Yes, gentle stretching after exercise helps with flexibility. Dynamic warmups are better than stretching before beginning a workout -less risk of injury.
Lawrence Y.
There is about 2 million people with 3 million answers to this question. From my experience and what I've been told from professionals, you should never stretch entirely cold. I try to stretch as much and as many times as possible, so this is my routine: Warm up, stretch, exercise, stretch!
My goal is to be able to do a split, let's see how that goes after 10 years in front of my laptop…. 😀
R My F.
Yes, after as it rids your muscles from the lactic acid you built up while excercising which makes you sore the next day. Always stretch after.
R Ben I.
You should stretch every time you exercise, but it’s better to do it after because then all your muscles are warmed up and that’s when the deep stretching can happen. If you stretch beforehand it’s better to do calisthenics or moving while stretching to make sure you don’t overstretch and hurt yourself.
Herman S.
For me, it depends on what I’m doing and for how long. For a brief exercise in the morning I might not stretch – might stretch muscles a little afterwards and perhaps while in the shower. If I’m walking, I get a better stretch just walking than stretching before walking.

If I am going to stretch, it’s usually during/after something more intense (running) or more focused on one body party (weight lifting focusing on legs) and I would warm up first, stretch a little, work out, and stretch again. If it’s yoga, you’re good to go – all one giant stretch!

Johnny J.
I'm no trainer, but I like to stretch a little every day. I don't consider it as a pre workout, but rather a workout in itself. Nonetheless, if you are going to have an intense workout, stretching is good to warm you up and get the blood pumpin;)
Austin J.
I think that stretch should be before when exercising after a long time, but if is regular then stretch can be done later too
Johanne W.
Stretching after you exercise relaxes your muscles and help you improve your elasticity while doing it before may cause an injury. Think about muscles as a rubber band, if tou warm it up it is more flexible but if you put it in the fridge and then try to pull it, it may break. It also helps you relax your mind after the exercise pumped you up 😁👌🏻
Megan F.
I think that stretching helps warm you up and get you prepared to move! It gets the blood pumping and your mind focused.
Wesley G.
There are different opinions on that. Some people argue that if you stretch before it is good for your muscles, however others say that it can set you up for injury because your ligaments are too loose for the exercise. Others say stretching after is best while the muscles are warm, that way the muscles will stretch better and the act of stretching can release some of the lactic acid built up from exercise. I dont have good stretching habits but i do try to do yoga every other strength training workout to keep the miscles long and lean.
Francisco T.
Both, stretching before helps your muscles warm up and get ready to work. The stretching before should be active stretching, rather than just a slow stretch.
The stretching after gives your body a chance to recover. Spend some time in each stretch to really let the muscles relax
Iris X.
I stretch almost every time i work out. Sometimes, when i am too tired to excercise or when i dont have much time, I stretch without working out. Most often I stretch after the excercise. Stretching means celebrtion for me, i join it with joga and it makes me feel relaxed and boosting my energy. I am very thankful for every advise.
Alix O.
I have to stretch before I use my muscles every day because if a neuro-muscular disease, or I'll cramp constantly. I do it before and after. Before to stretch my muscles and after to cool them down and stretch them out.
Klemens O.
At home I just go for it and exercise without stretching, that’s why I am thankful for fabulous to make me exercise and remind me to.
John J.
Yes you should stretch before and after. Stretch before exercise is probably most important as your body needs time to warm up.
Anat Lio Z.
Before is best because it loosens up the joints and muscles and helps prevent injury when you do the more strenuous activities.
Sasha O.
I think there's definitely different opinions on this, but I always warm up before the exercise then stretch afterwards. Every time.
Jade Q.
I have had physical therapy several times and they always recommend warming up before you exercise, like walking or riding a starinary bike for 10 minutes, and stretching some before and after exercising.
Hazel F.
You should stretch everyday but the best time to do so is right before you go to bed as that is when your body tightens up. Stretching before a workout has negative effects as it's not really you bodies natural state, so it has to adjust more with the extra slack in the muscles. Now that it not saying you shouldnt do some activites that warm the muscles up.
Charlene O.
It is important to stretch muscles before excersise to warm up the fibres and allow them to move more easily and be ready to move more vigorously.

It is just as important to stretch muscles after exercise to remove lactic acid that can build up in the muscles.

Arthur O.
I stretch a little before, just to warm up and then stretch after when my muscles are warm from the exercise. It helps with flexibility.
Charlie Q.
You should always do a gentle warm up before exercising to avoid injuring cold muscles. When you've finished exercising you should stretch, especially the main muscles you've been using.
Rose Z.
Most of my exercise routines consist of yoga. It’s my choice of workout because I like to balance everything out. I do a little extra if I have a goal I’m working on. Right now I’m working on doing 100 pushups in a day by March 1. I’m up to 60-80. If you don’t like to stretch, try thinking you’re doing a yoga routine.
Enora C.
Yes, it's always beneficial to stretch when exercising so that your muscles don't constrict themselves too much. In general, stretching is beneficial even when not exercising. I believe there is debate as to whether it's best to stretch before or after though and I typically do both, a gentle stretch before to wake up muscles and a more aggressive session after once my muscles are warm and limber.
Denira S.
If you’re working out without stretching before, there is a chance you can get an injury. The best option is for you to at least stretch half a minute before and after you exercise.
Tracy S.
Apparently stretching before you exercise can mess with your workout, but you definitely should stretch afterwards. That should help reduce injuries, and it also doubles as a part of your cooldown.
Laurie E.
Actually no, because stretching before strength exercises doesn’t affect good on to strength performance, simple warming will be better
Brian F.
I am at the beginning of my exercise practice. I am doing light exercises yet. To do them at morning I stretch before it only
Joanna S.
Ummmm … Everybody has a different answer for this. I typically stretch after because I’m so tight and in pain
And stretching relieves
the pain
Edgar P.
Yes! I stretch before and after exercise. Before allows my muscles to wake up and helps prevent me pulling a muscle whilst stretching afterwards lets my muscles warm down and relaxes me from the high adrenaline state of working out!
Caroline C.
You should never stretch cold muscles. So if it’s cold, you should do a little bit of warming up first get your blood flowing. You should always stretch before the main part of your work out, and you should do some stretching afterwards too.