What is the best exercise to do right after waking up? I don’t drink caffeine so, I’m always pretty groggy.

Gabriela O.
Quick exercises
Simple activities, such as a short brisk walk, dancing to music, or even a few jumping jacks, can help get the heart and breathing rate up, which can wake the body up faster

Elena N.
I like to do some simple stretches and a bit of yoga (like butterfly pose and that kinda thing) to start off then I move on to my usual workout exercises (I like to start off small so I don’t wear myself out too quickly) this usually takes around 10-15 minutes. Hope this helps xx

Takeyah N.
Drink fruit water but actual fruit water from the fruit itself it has electrolytes and you’ll be energized our body is a energy source, so you have to let it have it and water actually makes you more thristy