Do you do your morning exercise as soon as you wake up or an hour or two after?

Jen E.
As soon as I get up— can take a while to get out of bed though but I do it as soon as I’ve brushed my teeth to set me up for the day
Liam S.
I exercise after I've gotten up and dressed and eaten breakfast. It might not always be in the morning but I make it a focus to exercise before dinner.
Chris E.
Morning Exercise is to be done according to your personal schedule. I prefer to do it just after waking up, But most of the time i start 1hr or even sometimes 2hrs after waking up. Hence I have to improve and take it to just after waking up
Be Ta N.
Hi there! Usually, I break down my daily exercise into two sections. The first section is a light morning exercise session. It consists of stretching my arms, shoulders, and legs, plus 10 squats. It fits into my morning routine as it follows: morning prayer, making my bed, light stretching and squats, drinking water etc. I find this session useful, since it’s brief, yet it’s enough to gently kickstart my day. The second section comes later during the day or in the evening. And it’s either a 7-minute stretching or a 10-minute workout session. I’m using The Fabulous app for both. The 10-minute interval training is unexpectedly intense, and it feels oh so good! Have fun moving! 🙂
Morris G.
I get up at 5 o'clock in the morning time. I drink one bottle water in the morning time, Than I start the meditation after 10 minutes later when I get up.
I am done this task above 15 minutes and after that 10 minutes do other exercise in the morning time.
It is continue with my schedule.
Bertha E.
I eat breakfast first and take care of whatever needs done immediately, like taking out trash to curb or feeding pets, then do my exercises. Sometimes it's only a few minutes after waking and sometimes it's about an hour.
Lovisa Y.
I start my days with some meditation, easy cleaning, breakfast, prepare my work for the day and then I go out for a walk, do yoga or going to the gym
Mechthild B.
One hour after… I don't want to feel like it's something I have to do but something I want to do. So I give myself time to chill a little bit
Chrische N.
I do it an hour or two after. But what I realized is that it’s best if I do it after drinking water and eating breakfast because then it literally plays in my mind that I still have to exercise. Which is annoying. So it’s best if I do all three and get it out of the way
Maddison B.
I usually workout within 30 minutes of waking up. I drink water first, read a little bit of the news, and then get dressed for my workout.
Rachel U.
I do it about an hour or so after I wake up. I sometimes do a morning stretch routine which I do immediately after I wake up while I’m still in bed. I try to have my breakfast and then wait half an hour or so before exercising. I switch routines up by day; some days I will do a HIIT workout or a body part-specific strength workout, other days I will do yoga or Pilates. It depends on how my body feels on those particular days.
Linda Q.
I find that exercising right after I wake up can be hard. I don't feel awake and warmed up. I will typically have one or two glasses of water as soon as I wake up, do a little tidying or clean dishes, and then workout. So the short answer is that I work out about 20 to 40 min after I wake, having moved around a little bit first.
Carla T.
Generally it depends on your body (and timetable). Working out as soon as you wake up is a good habit, but if you feel weak and about to faint it's not a good idea anymore; then, it's better to eat something, like fruit or walnuts, and wait a little bit!