How long does it take to see change?

Suumit F.
Change Management is an art. It won't happen in one day but cycle goes like 60 days -120 days, 240 days and 365 days. It's a continuous process.
Gisela Q.
Every body is different. As long as we keep practicing good habits, we will always see changes. We can notice better health, we get more energetic during the day and after a few months everything gets better in our lives. Keep track of your activities and your weight. If you are really working hard, you will notice the difference.
Nicole F.
Some change you might see immediately. Most of it, especially lasting change, will take quite a while where you don't think anything is changing, and then you'll realize it did. The most important thing is consistency: to keep going even though you're not seeing any change.
Marin T.
I think it takes 21 days to see an actual change. It’s also when that habit comes naturally to you and you don’t have to force it.
Rosinha Q.
Well I’m sure that all depends. I actually was already starting to change before I chose to download this app, and I feel like it’s been helping hold true to the better habits I want to have in life!
Yu L.
Some of them take time to notice by yourself! Some simple one can be noticeable immediately like breathing tech and meditation.
Angelica Z.
It depends of the way you train, eat and how your body take changes, some people see changes around the first or second week while some others see a change after a month. Something that you are going to be able to feel fadter is the improvement, you will feel better every time you go workout as soon as you decide that you want to see some results, your mind will take all that good vibe and make what you want true
Neil P.
Ethel O.
It really depends on you healh, your mood, your overall wellness and of course your sleep/work/study schedule. However, how long
it takes have no meaning if you are committed to implement this habit into your daily life. Just keep up the motivation and don't give up. One day you'll see that work and patience have paid off! Good luck.
Ekaterina U.
It is hard to tell. But once you see that your day feels incomplete because you missed doing one of the habits, you know it stuck with you.
Lucy T.
I feel it right away, I feel that I want to do the list and it gives me satisfaction when I have done it all and can ☑ of the list.
Tina G.
I think from the very first day! The best change for me was that I didn't start my day looking for my phone. And I think it's nice to know what should you do when you start your day
Tobias Z.
When your mind is set and it is aligned with your actions, thats the beginning of change. Time become meaningless because you know your will achieve your goals if you have the will to keep your behavior, when your are in the right direction, every day you'll see changes.
Patrick A.
As soon as you take the action to do it. A habit is said to be 30-60 days of tomes, to cement. But change happens as soon as you do something different cos that's when you are taking the chance to learn and grow
Deanna J.
Well, if you take it slowly like I did you will see an amazing change. I sleep better and I feel more happy. I have been doing fabulous for about a month and a half and saw a change when i was only a month into the app. Follow the instructions and take it slow.
Marc E.
Well, you can see small change from the first time. Like, you will wake up and feel more energetic just by click the button on this app. Just by drinking water, you already finish one task in your days and you also feel heathier ^^ Just change step by step!