How do I build in time for reflection on my work and life?

Philippe Z.
I think I has to do with how you reflect. Some people make time to write in a journal. I tend to reflect on things while I am taking a bath or shower. There are no distractions so I can let my mind wonder over past events and make new plans of action. Or you can try meditation.
Marius Q.
I ussualy do that at night, before i go to sleep. It’s just about 5 minutes. But someday, when There is a special event or a extremly feeling, I’ll write my blog, it’s like my diary.
Charlie W.
Set a timer for 5-10minutes to “daydream” – Ie, to let the brain wander anywhere. It’ll reflect, or project, or circle. It will do what it needs, let it
Silja W.
I remind myself to do important things that can help me be a better person. I do my morning routine, go through my day as usual, then before I go to bed I reflect.
Christoffer G.
Usually during post workout procedures , such as showering, grooming and meal prep while liesgeing to calling music helps the thoughts flow smoothly.
Murilo Z.
Examine your morning routine to see if there are things that can be streamlined. Make an appointment with yourself weekly for an in depth review.
Melinda U.
Taking five minutes first thing in the morning after you wake up to meditate, will help create a focus and tone for your day.
Thea X.
Change your attitude. Do you first because you are the most important person.
Abigail X.
I keep a journal by my bed. I only commit to writing 1/2 a page, but often I’ll write more. Bonus, I find that I fall asleep faster when I get my thoughts onto paper and out of my head.
Imke Y.
Use something that's already built into your daily routine. I like to use the time I spend in the shower every morning to reflect and focus myself for the day. It makes that period of time more productive, and I don't have to find a place to force another habit into the routine.
Kristiane Z.
Keeping a journal allows me for that daily reflection. I have kept a journal for the last couple of years and although I haven't been totally consistent in writing my daily reflections. I have started doing it again for the last month and I feel great.
Leta O.
At work I take 2 active breaks per day. Take a post-it and a pen, grab a coffee, go to a quiet room. Then sit for 10 minutes. Put a timer and put your phone in your pocket. Then think of your work and tasks and write. Let the phone stay in your pocket till the timer rings. At home I do a more active version, I learnt a yoga sequence, takes 10 minutes, then I finish with a 5 min session where I lie on my back with my eyes closed and just let the mind go. I think starting with a set number of minutes helps in the beginning to find the right way. I do these now without any effort.