I like to go to the gym at my corporation but can’t get there til after my first work meeting of the day. How do you motivate yourself to get from the office to the gym if you do that?

Lauren E.
I always treated fitness like any other meeting or appointment: put it on the calendar, prepare for it, and own it like a boss!
Philip W.
Maybe reframe it as a coffee break to collect your thoughts from the meeting and prep for the rest of the day. 15-45 minutes is a fair enough break for anyone to take. Use it to zone out and work your body to become refreshed mentally, physically, and emotionally
Michele Y.
That's a hard one, but I try to view Exercise as a stress release. If you think of it as a benefit to you/your health then you begin to feel less like it's a chore and start viewing it as a reward. You'll do your meeting and then afterwards you get to treat yourself to a workout.
Josefine F.
I imagine myself being at gym already, doing some really nice exercise, being excellent at it. That makes me high and being waiting to go to gym as soon as possible
Charlie Y.
I like to try and make sure that I pat myself on the back after I do something like my first meeting of the day and try to use that as a jumping point to motivate myself to workout
Lina P.
I can imagine to myself the phisical and mental state that I wiil be in after the gym as if it already happened. So the pleasant imaginary state will motivate me to go to the gym as I'm eager to experience it in real life.
Mirjana B.
I suggest that you go to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier so you can exercise before work so you can shower before work so you can look professional for your first meeting of the day. Also, if something comes up, you won’t have to skip the gym because you already went.
Rodney O.
Well I’m not sure I can say this advice easily translates to others but I have played competitive sports for most of my life and even at the professional level. The truth is, I have learned pure determination and dedication because of it; not to mention the discipline I have had instilled in me from fellow friends, teammates, and coaches whom I admired and respected tremendously. It also helps that I have brought with me from my training, an ability to push myself every time no matter what. So here is what I say: Just do it! Don’t think about it, don’t prolong it, just get up and do it! 🙂
Philip X.
Don’t think about it and just do. Psychological reality is not real. I have faith that no matter how you feel about your body, the body probably has more than enough energy to take you back and forth nonstop for at least 5 hrs.
Pablo Z.
I think about future. Good shape can help more in my work, I started thinking how change my attitude to work or some points. When I discover the real reason of stopping me visiting a gym, so then I can think how to change this situation.
Almerindo Q.
I figured I should go *before* the work day starts. Then I'm not exhausted when I get to the gym, and I also begin my day feeling accomplished.
Christian U.
I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but I always find that I work better the rest of the day (and feel better) after I go to the gym. I think maybe connecting your success at the office after going to the gym to your motivation in going to the gym (much like ceebtrating after finishing a task) will help motivate you in the future. Identify the improvements in your office life that derive from going to the gym each morning. You got this!
Marion O.
I make sure I have everything I need next to me. Even if it means looking at that gym back at my desk. I tell myself today is gym day. When its time to go when the reasoning starts on my I shouldnt go I remind myself why I need to go. I tell my exactly what I will do if I dont go. Usually sit in the couch and eat junk food.
Antonie Y.
I would pair the gym routine with something I look forward to doing (at least at first to establish the habit). Like a book, podcast or album you can’t wait to get to. And for the time being only let the office gym be the place you allow yourself to get to enjoy that. It will give you something to look forward to at the gym each day until you find yourself looking forward to exercise by itself.
Nico P.
Make it a part of your identity and your percieved expectations from others. I go to our apartment gym and set it in my mind that I'll impress people if they always see me there. In my mind I think that if I don't show up then people will notice and question why I'm not there. It's all imaginary, but you can use imagined peer pressure pretty effectively!
Rose Z.
I really do not have a clue. I would recommend that you could wear something at your meeting that is related to your workout. Or perhaps could you arrange having a daily break to go to the gym.
Jorge Z.
First let’s leave the motivation part alone for a bit and focuse on what you want, do you truly want to go to the gym after your first work meeting, because if you truly do they you’re half way there!
Hermes Q.
I would have to say it’s all about your mindset. If you do as they say “schedule an appointment with yourself” you can syke yourself up and get excited about going to the gym and gettin your sweat on. Also, it can be difficult to jump back into work after working out in a time crunch. My suggestion would be to grab some of those showerless body wipes to use. That might be something to have just in case your mind is trying to talk you out of working out. Those wipes and dry shampoo could be your new best friends.
So my suggestions are to just find a way to get yourself excited! Write it down on your calendar, pick a workout that you really like or even sign up for a class so you know you need to commit! You got this!! And good luck!!!
Jane F.
Being a mum, the gym is my me-time. No matter how tired I can be after work, the gym is my time to be with myself and my thoughts and I always know it will make me feel great. If you get to go to a gym with a little spa area, even better!
Estef Nio P.
Tell yourself that your trip to the gym is your treat for making it to the meeting. Making it into a reward means you will be more likely to look forward to it.
Anna G.
I like to start my day off with my workout due to the fact I can’t do it throughout the day, so getting it done early in the morning before work makes my day go smoother because the energy I get from my workout sets the pace for my day
Holly U.
For me, knowing that I would be more productive after the workout (which I use as a time to “zero in” or really think on my job for the day) and so I find it easier to make time to go. I also stick to a fairly strict daily routine at work, with gym time scheduled right in.
Maricota O.
Hi there! In my case , I can only go to the gym after work around 5 or 6pm. I make sure to do a to-do list and make priorities with Gym being one of them. I also make I drive straight to the gym and not home then to the gym. Otherwise I find excuses not to go. Prepare yourself by putting your favorite workout songs. That also sets the mood. Hope this helps.
Ken F.
If I go directly from the office, I prepare everything before, even the bottle of water. To make sure I don't have any excuses to skip. However I prefer go to the gym near my home, and not right after work, but around 9 pm. The atmosphere is completely different, when there aren't many people around.
Felicia J.
I don't go to a gym but I never skip a daily training I walk out in the morning before breakfast at least 30 minute with my dog then I go cicling for 40 minutes to get to the office instead of going with metro in the evening I do a 30 minutes workout and then I walk my dog out again for another 30 minutes before to go to sleep hope this help 😉
Bradley Z.
When I went to the gym, i always did the motion of moving my gym bag from the boot to the front seat after work, and drove straight to the gym. Some days I’d actually get changed at work if i was feeling really unmotivated.
Guy C.
I have my bag packed and ready to go and take it as a way to process everything I took in at the meeting beforehand. It really helps keep me energetic for the rest of the day rather than doing it at night time when I am tired. Keep up the great work 🙂 honestly you can do this!!
Nicklas W.
When I worked for the Army, I had the perk of having nearly 24/7 access to gyms, and as an officer slightly more freedom to schedule when I went to the gym. I usually reminded myself how good I feel after I get that workout in. If I felt rushed I would plan a quick, focused workout so I didn't feel like I wasted my time. I would usually just aim for 10-20 min cardio on a rowing machine, bike or treadmill; then I'd pick either lower body, upper body or full body and switch between push and pull exercises. Either way, I would be reminded how good it was for my overall wellbeing and how that contributed to my overall better performance and decision making. It's the same as not saying yes to every project, some people may think it's selfish, but you have to guard some of your time whether it's for personal fitness, mental health, friends and family, or eating well. Back to the original point, that would make me feel better all day. I actually felt more put out when I felt I could not get to the gym (like if I forgot my workout clothes)
Amber Z.
Sorry,there isn’t any gym at my work place. I go dance and yoga class after work. Maybe if you think about the gym like a class or session which you can’t skip, always at the same time (if you can do that), probably can help. Use an alarm, and take your gym clothes somewhere near and use some pictures and music for motivation.