What’s easier, morning or later in the day to work out?

Susan T.
I'd say that depends mostly on your biological clock. In terms of scheduling, in almost every case it's easier to make time in the morning for it. However, some people, like myself, have a hard time getting up earlier. So after work is when I do my more intensive workouts. Sticking to the fabulous though, I'll usually do a simple 2 minute workout in my apartment in the morning.
Abril V.
For me, it's easier to workout in the afternoon, because I shower before going to bed. Otherwise, I would have to change my routine to fit both exercise and shower in the morning when it's already cramped and I get up at 5:40am
Eliot P.
It depends, if your studying/working schedule starts late, you should begin working out earlier, if your day begins very early, don't force yourself to workout really early in the morning, because your body will not be ready!
Jimmy P.
Depends on your schedule. Where there is least resistance. If you go to the gym there are more barriers in the morning (getting dressed, commute, etc). Exercise can wake you up though, so best not push past dinner hour.
Yuliia N.
Later in the day it is only pleasure to work out that moment when you are mentally tired it is easy to fulfill only and favorite body
Em Y.
For a brief work out, the morning is really nice and centers me. It is before the day gets too busy too. Sometimes if I have an open day to go to the gym or a fitness class in the afternoon, thats great but rare. So morning allows for consistency for sure.
Marjorie C.
It depends on your workout. A high-intensity workout should be done later in the day. Imagine going to work or just starting your day after such an intense workout, wouldn't be nice dealing with sore muscles through the day, would it?. If you're doing a light workout, it's best to do it in the morning. It will give you a small amount of energy for the day
Gregg N.
It depends on how you feel and how your day is planned. If I go to work I always train later in the day, in weekends I go in the morning. It does’t matter when you go. The most important thing is that you go!
Rafael P.
Some people do best exercising first thing so they can't put it off. I think it works best to work out whenever you have the highest energy. If you are a morning person, do it then. If you don't fully wake up until later, try an afternoon workout. Work with your body's natural schedule.
Hannah J.
I prefer to work out in the morning, but sometimes it just doesn't add up with my schedule. Then I usually opt for a smacking hard exercise in the late afternoon, for example. This way I can take a long but wholesome break from my daily obligations and I'll definitely fall to bed exhausted later in the evening.
Jonas Z.
It’s good to do it early in the morning but for people who works till 4/5 pm , i find better to work out after work, because you need to get out from the work/office mood, exercise and get a new great energy to complete the rest of the day.
Louis O.
I usually do my bigger workouts in the evening, but it's good to get your body moving first thing when you get up because movement creates energy in your body. For some people, working out at night can make it hard to go to bed because they feel more awake afterwards. If you're a night owl, I suggest evening exercise, but if you struggle to start your days, doing a workout when you get up can help kickstart your morning and give you a boost of energy.
Licelima C.
Definatley morning as I feel more energised when first wake up whereas if I leave it untill later on in the day my energy runs out and my motivation is not as good.
Pamela P.
For me usually it's late in the day. With this challenge I'm doing 5-10 minutes first thing although that can be interrupted by children. For anything more than that i don't have time until the end of the day. You need to work out what's going to fit in with your schedule
Demosthenes C.
Later in the day, after your routine (uni or job). In the morning I catch myself running to catch the bus or even feel too tired to stay on track.
But, if you mean by burning calories, the difference in scale is not that great.