What’s the hardest part? Starting, sustaining or achieving?

Frida G.
Sustainig for sure. Starting is easy since I think of starting something because I’m really motivated but keeping it up is the hardest. Achieving comes after sustaining, but once I get the hang of it achieving is not so hard.

Rocco O.
Sustaining for sure. Lots of excitement to start, lots of pride to finish, but during the middle they're isn't that instant gratification.

Ma Ra Z.
I think that starting is the easy part. We always have good intentions and so getting off on the right foot is often pretty easy. It’s when you have to sustain that things become really difficult. Trying to keep going even if there’s a goal in mind it’s really hard when that call is an achieved immediately particularly for something that’s new. Achievement has its own reward and so naturally I think achieving it’s not the most difficult part, it’s steaming and continuing to do what you need to do in order to achieve even though the rewards of achievement don’t come right away

Leonard T.
Probably sustaining, I sometimes find it hard to stick to my habits and to not go back to the bad ones. If you're having trouble sustaining then I'd say ask yourself if the action you're about to take us in line with where you really want to go. Is it going to further your ambitions and bring you one step closer to achieving it?