How do you keep motivated to exercise, even if you feel tired/sick/overrun?

Howard N.
I know if i keep doing exercise, i will be better and stronger person and it will develop my body strength. At the beging, yeah it is realy hard and tiring but if you do not give up everthing get easier.
Bertram P.
Don't rely on motivation. Have a routine set up and make it so you can't make excuses to not do it. Think about things in small steps if you are really struggling.
Vitaliano S.
I know that if I keep doing I every day even if it’s just a short one I will see changes and after time I will look forward to my early morning workout so. I Also always either watch television or listen to music to keep me from getting bored.
Lilian P.
If I’m feeling any of those things then I won’t follow my normal exercise routine. Instead, I’ll either do a less strenuous routine and for a shorter time period, or I’ll do some stress release yoga and relaxation because that will help me deal with those symptoms instead of making them worse. Even if you’re feeling that way, a 5 min workout is better than no workout.
Kasper P.
There are times when I feel like that so what I try to do is at least get some like power walking in so it raises your heart rate and allows you to still be exercising but maybe not as hard since if it's been a long day for you.
Mocinha Q.
I try to do something more low impact like 20 minutes of restorative yoga or go for a walk outside. On those days it is not as important to me to truly work out as it is to make sure I get moving at least a little to keep my habit going. It usually also helps with feeling better after.
Andy X.
I push myself to do it and exercise makes me feel better .so if there’s something you like to do that’s active go ahead and do doing jump roping.😉
Soila S.
I always think about the changes it makes to my body and how the endorfines flow in my body after the exercise. Besides, I'm more tired of beeing overweight than I feel tired after the gym. Try to be positive and always listen to favorite energetic music while on the gym. The tiredness will eventually go away. And after the gym, reward yourself or just meditate for couple minutes.
Louane P.
Making weekly plans , day wise schedules for long workouts. However insisting on good warm up and cool down stretches is a must.To allocate more time accordingly.Read and absorb completely the Running free from injuries book with notes and sketches.Keep the 9 Minutes workout plan, 10-15 no Surya namaskar s and post dinner 2 km walk as a backup.Also target an event like marathon or cycling journey. Be in the fitness community and remain supported. Go running together or have a trainer, ask someone to give stretches. Use IR lamp heating.Join Wednesday ST and Friday Yoga. Connect with a good Physio. Right nutrition – fibers, proteins, vitamins, minerals through eggs.
Protein-eggs, chicken, fish, Paneer, ONN, almond walnut
Carb-Brownex, brown rice, kerala rice
Fibre-Salad variations before each meal
Minerals vitamins nutrients
Seeds mix, morning fluid with lime, Haldi,apple cider vinegar,super foods ,fruits
Dealing with snacking /hunger pangs- eggs, almond milk, carrots,fruits
Tonya C.
On the low days I like to do one of the easier routines, even a 1 min get up and move is better than nothing. It’s all about keeping up the habit/routine, can always amp it back up when you’re 100%
Natalie O.
In order to stay motivated, I keep in mind all of the ways I have already succeeded and celebrate those wins. Then I visualize what will become if I keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone towards what I want. I remind myself of the strength gained each time I push myself towards positive change and that progress takes time. Enjoy what you have earned and strive for more with each new day.
Herbert U.
think of your end goal and how you’ll feel when you achieve it. but remember to take some rest days to stay strong and not get burnout
Yanis Y.
Just get up and stretch. Then do 10 jumping jacks. If you’re still exhausted then maybe you need more rest. Give yourself permission if that’s the case. Otherwise, use those stretches and 10 jumping jacks to get you started and do a little more!
Arne T.
I usually think that if i go to the gym i would get the body i dream of .. i’ll lose the extra pounds that i want to lose .. my overall health improves .. I won’t get sick those thoughts always give me a push to go to the gym and exercise to the maximum limit that i can tolerate 😊
Elouan O.
I focus on exercises that I like. I am a big zumba fan and I just do exercises that are focused around dancing. I also include exercising in my morning routine so it's the first thing I do in the morning.
Lana Z.
What I do is go on gentle exercises, whether that's on a stationary bike or just doing stretching. Don't feel pressured to go that day either; if you are really sick you should take it easy.
Holly O.
If I'm sick or tierd I usually just do a small exercise to keep my body going. I keep motivated by going one step at a time.
Heidrun X.
If I can remind myself how much better I will feel after…this will motivate me to start. Once I start exercising it becomes easier because after a few weeks it’s routine and feels natural.
Joyce S.
I stay motivated by finding inspiration in people that are older than me who are very active, mobile and still have a lot of vitality in their life. I want to be like them when I’m in my 70s or 80s and make it to that age!
Eddie S.
When changes start taking in your body and you feel the changes in energy levels you are automatically motivated to do more
Chloe C.
Ilive in a nice area with alot of nature so it's easy for me to just go outside after work and walk a trail. Back home I would tell myself I would go for at least 10 minutes and could stop if I wanted. I would usually do longer.
Libert Rio C.
Well at the moment I’m motivated by the adrenaline rush of approval that this app gives me, but over time I would hope that the want of the feelings that come after exercise will be a strong enough pull to stay consistent in itself
Sigfried R.
Having a workout I know, or having an app that will tell me which workout to do, and what is involved in it, is really helpful. You don’t have to think about what to do, you just do it. That is what has proved to be most useful to me so far.
Victor W.
I usually do a shorter workout so I keep the habit of working out. But it’s important to listen to your body. If you’re sick, take time off to let your body heal and don’t work out if you have a fever. 🙂
Ray T.
I am still figuring this out myself… but I think you just do something, stay moving, even if it’s not your ideal type of exercise… make adjustments to accommodate your needs. Say, you are worn out, tired, under the weather, do your best. Remember that each day your definition of best changes, but if you really want to learn self discipline look at professional athletes, marathon runners. My sister for instance runs almost everyday and runs marathons. She overcame asthma to be a runner and cross country coach to middle school kids. She inspires me so much. When she has a cold, she still runs, just adjusts her training a bit. When she is going on less sleep, she still runs or does interval training. She does her best for that day. She keeps putting in the effort not to prove anything to anybody else, put to prove something to herself. I want to be more like her. Some days I do yoga instead of high intensity workouts. Some days I rest and recover. I am still working on sticking with regular fitness. The power of 5-10 mins of activity goal makes me stay much more active. Start small. Marathon runners work up to their greatness. Stay active, get up from the tv and stretch. I set a timer, roll out my yoga mat or turn on music and move for the 5-30 mins of my timer… then I celebrate that I did it. Set a timer. Build a habit. Put in some effort consistently! Keep showing up for yourself! We are on this journey together!!!!! Make a workout tip jar! This has helped me too! Then buy yourself a new outfit or something nice for you, not calorie indulgent, a healthy gift to honor and reinforce your healthy habits!!! You so got this!!!!!!!!
Florian E.
I think that after going to the gym I'll feel better, happier and satisfied and proud of myself.
And also, I think that I'll feel like putting one more brick on the project of being muscled.
And also I think that I'll be healthier and less propensi to be sick.
Rebecca F.
I think i keep me motivated by looking at the mirror and telling me that i can do this and asking me why am i doing this.
Renato A.
Thinking in my goal, the feeling of completion after the exercise, and the will of creating a habit, I know that if I quit one day, chances are that I drop it as I've done before.
Carmen J.
I just don't think about it. Really.. I just start getting ready, head there and then it's almost done. Once I stop and think about what lies ahead, I'll get lazy if I'm not feeling great..
Rosalia E.
I make myself get dressed and start. If I need to scale back on minutes/reps/distance, that’s fine. Usually, once I have my clothes and shoes on, I can get enough done to feel as though I accomplished something.
Celestine Q.
When I’m feeling tired, sick, or overrun instead of doing my usual 40 minute exercise routine, I do a quick 10 minute or even 5 minute workout that gets my heart pumping. Doing this keeps me in my routine without draining myself.
Jennie T.
You can do easy exercises like stretching, even while lying down. The important thing is you still keep on moving your body.
Lina E.
Its hard. I would say the most important thing is to find an internal motivation. Something that won't change and provide you consistently with support even if external ones do. It might be hard, but maybe you need to work on that motivator and commit to it. We have to prepare to make the commitment before we make other commitments
Chad Z.
Tired and overwhelmed are mind problems and should be dealt there, unless you ran 10 km yesterday. Sick and physically exhaustion are body problems and rest is in order: you cannot improved the body while it repairs itself.