What`s your favourite exercise that`s fun, quick and easy to do?

Heidi E.
I like to go for a walk. You could go for a short walk around the block if you want it to be quick, but I prefer to go for a longer walk. That way I have time to think and reflect, and I get to enjoy a nice scenic route.
Sarah E.
I like dancing to my playlist. I usually have several parts during my dance. I stretch, I do Zumba moves, I warm up and any similar simple activity. What I enjoy is switching from an energy consuming activity (like Zumba) to energy retaining one (like stretching or yoga). That just feels right.
Karl U.
I really enjoy yoga it makes you feel calm and relaxed and i enjoy building strength and flexibility at the same time. I also have an app called 7 minute workouts and that's exactly what you get so if you're in a rush in the morning those are great as well and varied every day!
Mathilde C.
It's not necessarily fun, but it is quick and easy… Running in place even for 15 seconds. It really helps to wake you up in the morning, or wherever you need a pick me up!
Christina U.
Walking is the easiest and fastest workout. It also gives time to relax and think.

I love walking at the park or see once a week. Would do it more often if I had the time.

Sandro Y.
My favourite is jogging and weight-lifting
Barb Z.
It is yoga for me. Yoga reduces my stress, back pain also improve my pose, shape of body, my balance even happiness. I can do yoga at home any time if I want. no need any expensive instruments.
Dwight Y.
Excercises that do not require additional equipment are easier to commit to. They might not be fun to start with but should get easier with time. Pushing yourself is essential because YOU benefit from it
Heinz Joachim B.
Tennis against the wall when I lose focus at work, 15 minutes outside, I get a good sweat and I’m able to focus much better the rest of the morning
Ella P.
I love going on a quick, brisk walk in the morning. It's very refreshing. I don't use any devices. Just me and the outdoors and my thoughts. It's nice to give myself permission for a short walk in the morning.
Grace F.
Probably just the bridge or a plank, it’s easy but you feel the burn afterwards.