How do you keep motivated?

Samhita P.
Keep smiling, and the yourself to keep going. Imagine your past or future self looking at you and feeling proud… That gives me enough motivation to keep going!
Catherine Z.
Break the goal down into small steps. Celebrate each completion of the steps. I also find it helpful to make a physical/digital checklist and check off each step as I reach that goal.
Rachel U.
I think for myself this app is motivating because I like to check off what I have done and get the golden triangle. I like to see how long I can keep a streak going.

I am also motivated by how much better I feel when I am accomplishing these things. In some cases I feel better physically and in all cases I feel better mentally and emotionally.

Tristan F.
Honestly, it’s difficult. But I’ve been trying to use short-term goals to stay motivated, in the moment! For example, I know I’m more awake during the day if I work out in the morning- so if I’m having a hard time getting out of bed, I try to be like, “do I want to sleep more now, or have more energy later?”
Kim T.
By setting big difficult goals that are non negotiable. Chipping away, buikding a support network, focusong on small incremental changes and getting s*it done! Reading books and expanding my knowledge is key…getting and staying in the zone
Anatole Z.
By having the goal in my mind. What's my goal? To "learn" to develope new habits. I believe by following steps from fabulous, I can learn some tricks in building new habits and apply them in other areas.
S L Ne Z.
You have to be your motivation, you're the one who wants to change their lifestyle and you have to strive to do it. Visualize yourself in the future, do you want to continue as now or want to change to feel good about yourself
C Ntio N.
In this moment of my life, Im trying to be the best version of myself. I try to imagine the father that one day I want to be.
Daria M.
I don't. I am just trying to keep doing stuff which is important for my progress even if I don't want to. I can do a bit less, but try not to stop. Motivation just comes and goes.
Brittany X.
I think about what I want my future to be. The thought and hope of having the life I’ve dreamed of keeps me going everyday.
Sheila P.
I keep motivated by having a clear and strong image of my future. It’s not what I *hope* will be, but it *is* what will be. I also forgive myself for backsliding here and there, because it’s only natural to drop the ball a little. I know that it doesn’t mean I’ve failed, because I’ve already come so far! I continue the journey from where I am. I do not compare myself to where other people are, I focus on comparing myself to ME! It’s great to look at where I’ve started and where I am now on my way to my future.